Who Prays Anymore for the Holy Souls in Purgatory?


I’ve started to do this a lot lately. For one thing I have read that it is a great act of charity, and I lead a fairly isolated life so need to find more venues for charity. I’m now trying to make several plenary indulgences a week for the Holy Souls.
I’m old enough to remember (vaguely) a time in the Church when there were all sorts of Confraternities and Sodalities for the Holy Souls, as well as other causes. I thought, how great to join one and know others are praying as well. I went online looking for these and found virtually nothing! That makes me sad. I think the Holy Souls have been so ignored since Vatican II, and so many people don’t “believe” in Purgatory. When was the last time you heard a sermon on it?
There’s a traditionalist group of monks on a Scottish Island that have re-started a Holy Souls ministry: the Transalpine Redemptorists. They apparently were under the sway of the Lefebrevists (sorry–I know that is not spelled correctly) but have now come into full communion with the Roman Catholic Church. Anyway, I like what their website says on returning to the traditional practice of praying and sacrificing for the Holy Souls.
In my wilder moments, I am thinking about approaching my priest about setting up such a Sodality in my parish.


I do it every day for the last year or so. I was taught to pray and offer up annoyances for the Poor Souls in Purgatory when I was so young I barely knew what Purgatory was, but like many other practices I lost the habit along life’s way (the Church was not emphasizing it then either) and just now getting it back. I was inspired to start again by a wonderful African priest who said my mom’s funeral Mass and said later at an All Souls’ Mass how important it is to pray for the dead, so I took that up as my special mission.

HUGE push to do it in every parish in the beginning of November in my area. I fear the Poor Souls get a bit forgotten in months other than November unless one is a big devotee of Fatima or has had a loved one recently die and is motivated to pray for them. There is one prayer group in my area that includes a poor souls prayer in their daily repertoire of rosary, Divine Mercy, and other prayers. Also a lot of people like the St. Gertrude prayer although we are always being cautioned by priests that St. Gertrude probably didn’t write it and the promise about 10,000 souls getting out for each repetition is up to the will of God and not certain.

Fr. Richard Heilman has also been promoting getting plenary indulgences for the Poor Souls in his prayer group. A lot of folks had not heard of this practice and were very excited about it.


I do every time I pass a cemetery and hope one day someone will do the same for me


I recently started doing this too, I drive past lots of historic cemeteries.


During November I try to say extra prayers, works, etc.; day by day an Our Father, Hail Mary and a Rest Eternal, and/or a mystery of the rosary. If I remember, the De Profundis at the end of the day. Week by week, as far as I am able to do so, a shot at gaining plenary indulgences.

The Chaplet of the Holy Souls is a favourite devotion and easy to remember.


I take off work early (an hour or so), one day a week, and do some contemplative prayer in the old mission, and end it with either the Jesus Prayer or Chaplet of Divine Mercy while walking through the cemetery to pray for those who’s names I see on the markers.

But, we all pray for souls in purgatory at Mass, when we raise prayers for the dead as part of the prayers of the faithful.


I do for several years now…


I do every day in my personal prayer. Also, part of the Eucharistic prayers includes a petition for the souls of the departed to be granted kind admittance to God’s kingdom. So, we do it at mass (at least occasionally) too.


Me. Daily. It is one of our duties, especially this month.


I do as often as I can.


Today would have been my dad’s 96th birthday. I offered my Mass for him this morning.


I do and I also offer up little sacrifices for souls in purgatory too. The everyday issues can help many souls.


This is a WONDERFUL Litany for the Poor Souls In Purgatory. If you click on the link it has both the front and back side of the Litany there. I say this as often as I can. It just touches my heart because it helps me recall all of those who have gone before me and hopefully are close to getting into Heaven or who are there already.



Father Benedict groeschal has on utube a novena prayer, The Way of the Cross for the Holy Souls, it is amazing. Sorry I don,t know how to supply the link.its fairly easy to find though, if I can anyone can.


This year I discovered former teachers and bosses have passed on. I’ve been remembering them with masses and prayer, including rosaries. But the Holy Souls I’ve tried to keep in mind now for the past several months.


We have a couple of Masses each month requested for the souls in purgatory, so, someone is willing to not only pray but give an offering for a Mass!


Everyday I add a Prayer for the souls in Purgatory with Rosary. Our Parish offers monthly Masses for the souls in Purgatory.


I have Masses said, and pray for the souls in purgatory.


I try to have Gregorian Masses said for those closest to me.

We say a prayer every time we drive past a cemetery, as well as occasionally visiting a cemetery for the express purpose of saying prayers. (5 Creeds, 1 Hail Holy Queen, 1 Our Father, 1 Hail Mary, 1 Glory Be, 1 Eternal Rest.)

We try to do the Precious Blood chaplet in July and November for the souls of priests in Purgatory.

When it occurs to me, I try to keep the Monday fast a la the Flame of Love devotion. I don’t know much about it, but trust God to put it to good use regardless.


I do everyday. I like knowing that I can help a holy soul in Purgatory by just praying for him.

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