Who Prays Anymore for the Holy Souls in Purgatory?


The Transalpine Redemptorists are in full communion with the Catholic Church. I also recommend praying and offering sacrifices for the poor souls in Purgatory.


I do every day,started several years ago.


I include them in my rosary intentions daily.


This gal does, during vespers for liturgy of the hours.


I pray for the souls in Purgatory


I do and have for along time DAILY



You might look into Friends of the Suffering Souls. The website is knocknovena.com. FOSS is an association of Catholic lay people that conducts a perpetual novena of Masses for the souls in Purgatory. The group takes its inspiration from the 100 consecutive Masses offered for the souls in Purgatory by Archdeacon Cavanagh, the parish priest of Knock, just before the apparition of our Blessed Mother there in 1879. Each member arranges for at least one Mass to be offered for deceased members and for all the souls in Purgatory each year, usually on or near the member’s birthday. To assist members in this, the FOSS site provides lists of priests or religious communities who are willing to offer these Masses in different countries. No money is sent to FOSS directly. A member simply notifies them when a Mass has been arranged by filling out a form on the website. Right now their goal is to have 150 Masses offered for the souls in Purgatory every day. According to the website, as of November 29, 2017, they averaged 141 Masses per day for this year. Members receive periodic emails reporting the progress of the novena, as well as prayer suggestions and edifying stories from people who pray for the poor souls. If you join this group you will be uniting with Catholics from all over the world to pray for the poor souls.


Thank you. I never heard of that organization and it does sound like something I would be interested in. Plus if it’s connected to Knock, that would be great as I’m mostly Irish-American.


I’ve had a prayer thread going for quite some time … many people pray in it … the holy souls in purgatory are not forgotten by those of us who keep remembering them.


Especially during November, I think more parishes ficus on it.
We had around the font of holy water pictures of deceased loved ones for example.
Every mass the intentions I believe include those recently dead.


This poor soul will have to do that in the near future. it is a Spiritual Work of Mercy after all! :wink:


Every. Single. Day.


In Mass on Sunday there is a part where the Priest says “we pray for the dead” and lists a few specific names (usually names suggested by the parishioners via suggestion box). Presumably this is on the off-chance that the dead are in purgatory, as if they were anywhere else the prayers would do nothing for them.


my irish grandmother told me that whenever you hear " a ringing" in your ear; it is a call to pray for the souls in purgatory

i still follow that, and after my brief prayers, yes the ringing stops (ALL THE TIME)


I do, whenever I remember to do so. :flushed:


Yes daily and I recommend Susan Tassone’s Day by Day For The Holy Souls In Purgatory. I also have a little booklet copyright 1957 that I found called Daily Pilgrimage to Purgatory. Hard to find in hard copy because it’s old but here it is online…



I do. I pray every day for them on my Rosary, at Mass, and in other vocal prayers.

And in the month of November, I offer “suffrages” for them with particular intentions.




The booklet Read Me or Rue It stirred my desire to pray for the holy souls. I have some of Susan Tassone’s books.

During consecration at Mass, I pray the St. Gertrude prayer for the poor souls. Sprinkling holy water also helps them.


I love that!

But I have mild tinnitus, so I guess I am called to pray for them 24/7.

I pray for the holy souls daily anyway, but I love that the ringing can be a call to prayer! :blush:

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