WHO predicts ‘explosion’ of swine flu cases

BEIJING — The global spread of swine flu will endanger more lives as it speeds up in coming months and governments must boost preparations for a swift response, the World Health Organization said Friday.

There will soon be a period of further global spread of the virus, and most countries may see swine flu cases double every three to four days for several months until peak transmission is reached, said WHO’s Western Pacific director, Shin Young-soo.
“At a certain point, there will seem to be an explosion in case numbers,” Shin told a symposium of health officials and experts in Beijing. “It is certain there will be more cases and more deaths.”

WHO has declared the swine flu strain a pandemic, and it has killed almost 1,800 people worldwide through last week. International attention has focused on how the pandemic is progressing in southern hemisphere countries such as Australia, which are experiencing winter and their flu season.


My impression is that I’m one of the people who this government is excluding from getting a vaccination anyway, so I’ll either see the flowers in the spring, or I won’t.

Hmmmm. Reminded myself of one of the neatest haiku I have ever read. It’s Japanese, and very old. It’s also off-topic, but I like it, so here goes.

“If I should come no more
Plum tree beside my door,
Do thou still bloom in spring,
Faithfully blossoming.”

last week i had a bad case of what i thought was the flu. i had all of the symptoms.
i asked myself if i was supposed to go to the doctor and be tested for the H1N1. i am one of those people who see the doctor only if it is absolutely necessary. i survived, but i don’t know what kind of flu i had. if the H1N1 is worse than what i had, i am in trouble, because i was pretty sick. i get confused because they say that many of the cases are mild. i don’t know if it is the person’s immune system that makes a case mild or severe in a person.

also, i thought that H1N1 was not swine flu. so is this another type of flu they are worried about?

but if there are people out there like me, who do not go to the doctor, how are they able to keep accurate records of the number of cases?

there is a point where i would have broken down and had my son or daughter-in-law take me to the doctor, but i did not reach that point.

My step-brother and his girlfriend had a pretty bad case of the flu. they weren’t tested fr the swine flu, but the doctor said they had it b/c of all their symptoms (extreme flu, vomitting blood, etc.). After two weeks, they were back at work healthy as can be. both of them are young and fit.

As for our area in the Pacific Northwest, a friend of ours likely had Swine Flu some months ago, but Kaiser Permanente refused to do the test. The state can have clever tracking centers established, etc, but, unless every insurer and medical facility, gets on board, we’re not going to immediately see comprehensive picture of where the flu is and isn’t.

Well, there are certain signs you should look for in determining if it is time to see a doctor:

WHO has declared the swine flu strain a pandemic

Well…this is the quietest pandemic I’ve ever seen! :rolleyes:

Guess it’s been ousted by the healthcare debate!

I certainly will remain vigilant and cautious. To do otherwise would be foolish.

Two people,who live down the road from my son, died last month from H1N1. A brother and sister, 21, 25, with no previous health problems. Neither of them had been out of the country.

FEMA is asking which of their own employee’s has highspeed internet and phone just in case they have to work from home in the near future. Tim

that really shocks me that they wouldn’t test to see what kind of flu your friend had. guess it is not like the movies. people won’t take any warnings seriously if they see their local medical offices unconcerned as to what kind of flu is going around. you are right that we probably won’t see a comprehensive picture of where the flu is and isn’t and how many people have actually been sick with it. it does appear that several different types of flu strains could be going around.


Well…about 35,000 people die every year from the flu. Just the plain old ordinary everyday flu. The problem with the swine flu (which is, indeed, H1N1) is that it seems to be killing otherwise healthy, young people. Your best defense is the same old thing you always hear - wash, wash, wash your hands, cover your mouth when you sneeze or cough (and cough or sneeze into your shoulder or elbow, not your hand). If you’re sick, stay home. If your kid is sick, keep him home from school. And for me, I do NOT hold hands during the Our Father at Mass, especially during flu season, I don’t particularly like to shake hands at the sign of peace (I would rather wave or flash a peace sign - with a big smile!!) and I keep hand sanitizer in my purse and use it. I don’t have obsessive-compulsive behavior - I’m just an old ER nurse who has never had the flu (and I’ve treated hundreds or even thousands of patients with the flu over the past 25 years) and I don’t intend to get it if I can help it. If you do have symptoms of the flu, call your doctor! Plenty of rest, plenty of fluids, chicken noodle soup or whatever you like, but stay ahead of the illness and get treatment if you need it. And in the end…it’s all in God’s hands, isn’t it? But that doesn’t mean you can’t be prudent and take the proper precautions.

A lot of experts are predicting real serious problems with this bug. We could be hit hard. Be ready. Pray…Roanoker

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