Who prepares the Vatican's English translations?


Laudatur Iesus Christus.

Does anyone know how the English translations of Church documents are prepared for release by the Vatican?

What authority do they have?

Does anyone find them to sometimes differ in tone and emphasis from the Latin texts of the same documents?

Pax Christi nobiscum.

John Hiner


I don’t think all the Vatican’s English translations come from the Vatican.

This is a translation of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. It is supposed to be quoting Vatican II

125 The Gospels are the heart of all the Scriptures “because they are our principal source for the life and teaching of the Incarnate Word, our Saviour”

This is the same quote from Vatican II from the Dogmatic Constitution on Divine Revelation.

“for they are the principal witness for the life and teaching of the incarnate Word, our savior.”

The first quotation is in error.  The latin is                                 “**praecipuum testimonium”**  which means principle testimony, or principle witness.

The first translation from the Catechism is in error because it gives a Protestant slant in which the Church learned her teachings from the bible.

The Vatican II document gives the correct translation, where the Gospels are only a witness to the teachings. This is because the Church learned all the teachings of Jesus directly from Him, when He taught the apostles. Thus the teachings of the Catholic Church regarding salvation come directly from Jesus, and not from a later reading of the Gospels, which are only a witness to the teachings.

The English translation of the Catechism of the Catholic Church is in error in this case. Whenever it quotes Vatican II it uses the translation of Austin Flannery, OP. His is known to be a bad translation.
Most of the rest of the Catechism has a copyright of the United States Catholic Conference, Inc.
I don’t know who translated the rest of it but I assume the United States Catholic Conference had someone do it under their authority.


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