Who Really Cares: The Surprising Truth about Compassionate Conservatism


Has anybody read this book? It looks interesting.

One of our liberal newspaper columnists here in Seattle (actually that’s the only kind we have in Seattle) alluded to the book in his Thanksgiving column, here

Which sparked some discussion here:

I was reminded of this because of all the recent talk about Socialism…

In the words of Stewart Smalley: “How does this make you feel?” :slight_smile:


Oh, this is about the Arthur Brooks book which states that conservatives donate more than liberals.

It was discussed in the Secular News forum shortly after the book was released: forums.catholic.com/showthread.php?t=120942&highlight=brooks
but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be discussed here.

I was surprised when I first heard the claim, but a moment’s thought convinced me that it isn’t surprising. Liberals are more likely to expect the government to meet social welfare needs, and since government has far more resources than they (individual liberals) do, why should they impoverish themselves? Let government, with its deep pockets, do the job. Instead of donating, liberals may try to create new government programs.

In contrast, conservatives tend not to look to government to meet social welfare needs. So when they see a problem which is lacking a solution, they figure its up to individuals to help. So they take action by donating.


Oops - sorry. I did do a search before posting, but I missed that thread.

… it does kind of relate to our socialism discussion though, doesn’t it?


The rest of this conversation may be had there. :wink:

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