Who’s view is the Truth?

Who’s view is the Truth?

Is our own view of God the Truth? Is some one else’s view of God the Truth? Is our view of ourselves and the world the Truth? Or is God’s view of us the Truth the Way the Life, in human existence? If it is true that God’s view is the Truth, then Jesus Christ is the fulfillment of His view of us (human existence) in the earth.

The Truth IS, irrespective of how it is viewed. The truth is often obscured by the biases through which we view things.

The harder question is: How does one remove the biases so that the human view matches God’s view?

By uniting ourselves with Christ, who is the Way, the Light, and the Truth.

This is what I love about the Magisterium. It can take a lot of investigation and research to eliminate just one bias. Once you begin to trust Magisterial teaching, you reap the rewards of centuries of such investigation and research for free!

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Don’t seek your own view that is to your own satisfaction, or even some one else’s, seek the Lord’s view in all things.

Would that be your view of the Magisterium’s view, or the Magisterium’s view, or the Lord’s?

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Quite right, your bloody well right. :wink:

I think of it in a way that is analgous to the study of other subjects, let’s say atomic theory. If the clock was rolled back to around 460 B.C. we would start out with Democritus’ theory of atoms and a few other ideas. If we devoted our entire lifetimes to performing experiments and other kinds of research, we might get beyond Democritus but there is no way we would make it to Rutherford or Bohr. Yet anyone who takes a few chemistry courses today gets 2 millenia of atomic insight. Same thing with theology. I believe that Christ is intelligible, i.e. we can learn true things about God and impart those things to future generations. The Magisterium is a collection of these truths, some revealed and others reasoned. Not sure what you mean when you use the word “view” in this context.

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What is an individual’s view of life? Wouldn’t be in accordance to what he sees? The view you mentioned is in academia which is not the view of life that an individual sees picking rice out of a rice field, no where near or aware of Magisterium or academia, of which is no more superior then the rice picker’s view of life in God’s view (site).

Now lets look at the Lord’s view who is of Life, and is Life.

Jn:5:19: Then answered Jesus and said unto them, Verily, verily, I say unto you, The Son can do nothing of himself, but what he seeth the Father do: for what things soever he doeth, these also doeth the Son likewise.

Therefore the view of Life that is Life is of God the Father through the Son as in revealed in the Son of God, by the power of the Presence of God (Holy Spirit) in the Son of man, that is the superior view of Life, for it is of Life an is Life. God is God of the living not the dead, hence His domain is Life in the living, and the rest though under His command has its place also, but its not with the living.

But some have a different view of which religion correctly reveals Gods view-or if any of them do. How do we correctly ascertain which view is Gods view?

To ask whose view is the truth is to assume that the whole truth and nothing but the truth can be known by a being with finite intelligence. Only the One who has created everyone and everything knows everyone and everything… :slight_smile:

Beautifully said. :clapping: I wish more Catholics would learn to trust and submit to the Magisterium. And may I grow even more faithful to the Magisterium.

God bless.

“The truth is not something. IT is somebody, and that Somebody is Jesus Christ.” - Father Corapi

Ever since hearing this statement, it has stuck in my head. And I thought to share it with this thread.

“I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.” - Jesus

God bless.

Jumping in here …

The Magisterium’s job is to preserve the Deposit of Faith. And until arounf 500 or so years ago your ancestors were on board too.

By submitting ourselves to the will of Christ - by following His commandments and instructions in sacred Scripture, by receiving the Sacraments He gave us, and by being receptive to the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

I was pleased that you quoted the Holy Bible. The is the crown jewel in the Magesterial collection, added during the 4th century. You are correct in observing that a lot of Magesterial documents (including the Bible) were not available to rice pickers and other non-academics. With the invention of the printing press that began to change, and today if you have a computer you can read the Early Church Fathers or the Summa Theologica any time you want. I maintain that there is only objective reality, and ignorance or knowledge of that reality. Who has time for subjectivism, relativism, Jung’s theory of the unconscious, or Kantian skepticism? Just give me the cold hard facts.

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Though you may not see it this way, religion is religion, which can be used to show the Ways of the Lord with man kind (Truth and Mercy) or religion can be used to show or teach something otherwise. Philosophy can be used, education can be used, your daily life can be used, nations can be used, law and justice can be used to show the Ways of the Lord God with mankind, or they can be used otherwise.

Adam and Eve were not a religion, Noah was not a religion, Abraham Isaac and Jacob were a family not a religion, in Moses’ day the Children of Israel were becoming a nation not a religion.

As far as knowing who be who, its the witnesses. Trusted witnesses. Noah and his family were witnesses to what to the rest of mankind? Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were witnesses to what to the children of Israel. The children of Israel were witnesses to what in the days of Moses so on and so forth, and Jesus the Son of God is the witness of the Father to us, isn’t He? And the Apostles are a witness to us of the Son of God and His resurrection, trusted witnesses, entrusted by God.

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That is absolutly true:
Not only did Jesus say that the Father knows every hair on our heads, but only God is good, and it is only God that knows what is good for His Creation and the creatures therein.

Little One
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That’s true, God is Alive therefore the Truth of God is Alive, our Lord Jesus Christ forever.

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“The Magisterium’s job is to preserve the Deposit of Faith.” I agree, but it should be recognized as that, no more, no less. Not as a stick of authority to whip on others with.

Hey! How did you know I am of Italian decent. :wink: I don’t know buddy not all the world started in Rome, so unless you mean Adam or Noah, and even with their witness, it didn’t take long for everybody to not be on board.

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