Who says the Church has no authority?

(NAB - Acts 4:32-37)

32 6 The community of believers was of one heart and mind, and no one claimed that any of his possessions was his own, but they had everything in common. 33 With great power the apostles bore witness to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus, and great favor was accorded them all. 34 There was no needy person among them, for those who owned property or houses would sell them, bring the proceeds of the sale, 35 and put them at the feet of the apostles, and they were distributed to each according to need. 36 Thus Joseph, also named by the apostles Barnabas (which is translated “son of encouragement”), a Levite, a Cypriot by birth, 37 sold a piece of property that he owned, then brought the money and put it at the feet of the apostles.
(NAB - Acts 5:1-11)
1 1 A man named Ananias, however, with his wife Sapphira, sold a piece of property. 2 He retained for himself, with his wife’s knowledge, some of the purchase price, took the remainder, and put it at the feet of the apostles. 3 But Peter said, “Ananias, why has Satan filled your heart so that you lied to the holy Spirit and retained part of the price of the land? 4 While it remained unsold, did it not remain yours? And when it was sold, was it not still under your control? Why did you contrive this deed? You have lied not to human beings, but to God.” 5 When Ananias heard these words, he fell down and breathed his last, and great fear came upon all who heard of it. 6 The young men came and wrapped him up, then carried him out and buried him. 7 After an interval of about three hours, his wife came in, unaware of what had happened. 8 Peter said to her, “Tell me, did you sell the land for this amount?” She answered, “Yes, for that amount.” 9 Then Peter said to her, “Why did you agree to test the Spirit of the Lord? Listen, the footsteps of those who have buried your husband are at the door, and they will carry you out.” 10 At once, she fell down at his feet and breathed her last. When the young men entered they found her dead, so they carried her out and buried her beside her husband. 11 And great fear came upon the whole church and upon all who heard of these things. No authority uhh?

For all those non-Catholic Christians who believe that a Church and Church leaders are not necessary…could you please explain…or “personally interpret” the verses above?


For those that do not know, or believe it, The Catholic Church derives its full authority from Our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. He founded His Church upon SimonPeter ( the Rock ), gave him the keys to His Kingdom and told him to take care of His sheep ( all
believers ). He also told SimonPeter that He will be with His Church always and that “The gates of hell shall not prevail” against His Church. Even though Satan has tried to destroy His Church from within ( bad Popes, priests and other clergy ) and and from outside, He has protected it and it has lasted for these past 2000 years. The authority given to SimonPeter and the Apostles did not end with their death, but has been handed down to
their sucessors ( clergy, both good and bad ) through the ages.

To say otherwise, or to claim that this Church has apostacized is to Call Jesus Christ a baldfaced liar! Many have tried to prove this and all have failed miserably.

Jesus has kept His promise and continuosly watches over His Church which alone posses
the fullness of His truth.

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Shalom Aleichem

Does the Catholic Church have an official interpretation of these verses? Something required to believe…ie the authority comment?

Good to “see” you. Hope you are well.

Of course the Church has authority. The questions are, for me at least,

Is that authority scripturally placed in the hands of the Bishop of Rome (over and above the other Patriarchs), even though the Council of Nice felt it necessary to assign his jurisdiction? IOW, is his authority by divine law or human law?

What is the limit of the Church’s Authority? Is it limited by scripture?

Where is that authority now? Rome? Jerusalem? Antioch? Wittenburg? Canterbury?


For answers to your questions, please read my post above.

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Shalom Aleichem

I read it before I posted. I guess what I’m saying is, without wanting to seem disrespectful to your faith, that position statement has not convinced a great many Christians for 1000 years now, and 500 years in the west. And I’m not sure how it answers my questions.


Perhaps “needed” isn’t quite the right word. Useful, helpful, to many people, apparently it is. I certainly don’t need it. Lord knows pursuing the CC, which I did at one point, if anything weakened my relationship with God. But I certainly am not going to say outright that it’s “unnecessary.” I just think that’s to strong a statement.

And I would say the Church is needed to preach the gospel and administer the sacraments. Sanctifying grace comes through the Church. I do not disagree with Catholics that Christ established His Church. I’m just not convinced by scripture or the early councils of the primacy of the papacy, at lerast as Rome teaches it today.


was worried there a while when you weren’t around…The Catholic church needs authority because Christ would never leave us orphans. He left us His church. Otherwise we’d have confusion and chaos like all other denominations.

So… let me get straight what you’re implying. Here’s what I get out of your post: the authority of the Church is such that when it renders judgements on people in God’s name, God will strike them down dead, if warranted.

Well, if that’s the case, it should be easy enough to demonstrate the Church’s authority in a way that can’t be questioned, shouldn’t it?

All you need is for the Pope to find some sort of nefarious sinner, declare his life to be forfeit, and everyone can watch the sinner fall down dead on the spot. For extra credibility, invite the Protestants in ahead of time to monitor the whole thing and watch out for any trickery, and let them do the autopsy afterward to confirm that the death was actually by the hand of God and not by, say, some sort of poison.

Please read what JPII had to say about the Church:


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