Who Should Be TIME’s Person of the Year for 2016?



                                      I think there's only one real choice for person of the year in 2016, and that's President Elect Donald Trump. Runners up for me would be the Brexit campaigners in the UK, and Julian Assange.


The ones who write fake news stories.



My vote would be for Julian Assange because without him, Donald Trump wouldn’t even be on the list.


Trump, who has changed american politics forever.


Trump, definitely.


Are you sure? I thought hillary blamed James comey.


Ben Zobrist

World Series MVP 2016

Go Cubs !


Actually, the whole team should be men of the year!



This year’s Series got world wide attention.


Nigel Farage, after all - as much as I dislike him and consider him a joke - he was highly involved in the two main historical events of 2016, namely Brexit and the election of Donald Trump as POTUS. :wink:

As unlikely as both events were, he backed the winning horses against the apparent odds.

I do think his ‘pal’ Mr Trump with win though…



Trump, who has changed american politics forever.

… that’s an understatement:shrug:


The Cubs.


Good choice.




The persecuted Christians, especially those in the Middle East right now. We said we wouldn’t forget them. But haven’t we?


Agreed. None of the people on Time’s list are really deserving of the Person of the Year honor.


I agree it should probably be him, but disagree that he’s changed American politics much. It’ll go back to normal within his first term.


Ken bone.

No seriously, Trump. Of course Time hasn’t been big on credibility lately so maybe a kardashian?


The same could be said of Hillary Clinton, whose lackluster campaign
handed it to Trump. A strong, honest, inspiring Democrat candidate,
if one exists, could have mopped the floor with Trump.


That’s kinda funny, because when Donald Trump got the nomination, I remember people saying “We had to go and pick the one person who Hillary Clinton could beat”, then when Trump won in November I actually heard Democrats saying “We had to go and pick the one person who Trump could beat”.

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