Who Should Replace Christopher Columbus at Coit Park in California - Angela Davis. Colin Kaepernick

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Vote: Who should be honored in place of the Columbus statue at Coit Tower?

San Francisco officials have removed a statue of Christopher Columbus at Coit Tower to do away with what to many was a symbol of oppression. “It doesn’t align with San Francisco’s values or our commitment to racial justice,” a city official said. Removing it swiftly was also a matter of public safety: the statue had been vandalized in recent days, and a flyer circulating on social media encouraged people to march to Coit Tower to take it down and throw it into the bay. After the statue’s removal, The Chronicle asked readers to tell us who they would like to see honored there instead, and we received hundreds of responses. Here are some of the most-nominated reader submissions, listed alphabetically; which one would you choose?

Who should be honored in place of the Columbus statue at Coit Tower? (Names are listed in alphabetical order.)

Maya Angelou

Ruth Asawa

James Baldwin

Delilah Beasley

California firefighters

César Chávez

Shirley Chisholm

Lillie Hitchcock Coit

Angela Davis

Joe DiMaggio

St. Francis of Assisi

Lawrence Ferlinghetti

Dolores Huerta

Colin Kaepernick

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Thomas Starr King

Dorothea Lange

Willie Mays

Harvey Milk

John Muir

The Ohlone people

Rosa Parks

Mary Ellen Pleasant

Harriet Tubman

Robin Williams

No statue — leave the space empty.

Ronald Reagan.

It cannot be a Democrat. The Democrat Party is the party of slavery and Jim Crow.


Alex Trebek.

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