Who Sits at the Left Hand of God?

A theological problem that has tormented me… If Jesus rightly sits at the Right Hand of God (Matthew 22.44), metaphorically-symbolistically, then naturally the question arises: Who sits at the “Left Hand of God”?

I have heard everything from “the Holy Spirit” to “Satan as God’s Shadow-Avenger” and “Gabriel as Angelic Dispenser of God’s Punishment”… Is there anything remotely resembling a remotely “official” position?

Thanks in advance. Sincerely, a Catholic seeker

This is defiantly a shot in the dark but what about the BVM?

It really is a figure of speach to represent Christ being obedient to the Father, and that Christ is God’s most favored. There isn’t literally a table in heaven where we all have assigned seats, its just to show Christ’s prominence in the way of things.

Thank you so much NorthTexan, but I am pretty sure that is not the theologically correct answer, unfortunately. And make no mistake, I am an adamant “militant” :stuck_out_tongue: of Our Mother.

Right, I know it is a non-literalistic figure of speech–that is why I initially said “symbolistically”–and I am wondering if there is any Catholic commentary on this admittedly obscure yet interesting theological area of inquiry. I.e. who sits at the “left hand of God” while understanding it is a symbolic figure of speech?

My most prominent 3 guesses so far are: 1) The Holy Ghost in some form? 2) Gabriel as Punisher-Angel–actual historical textual evidence at least supports this somewhat, or 3) Satan or Lucifer, as God’s “hidden” servant…

There is the “Left Hand Path” in paganism… “Left” has always been associated with sinister… So imagine the Sitter at the Left Hand of God is some type of dark avenging angel-type in all likelihood, perhaps with satanic connotations?

Since we are speaking as you say “metaphorically-symbolistically,” of course it is Mary. She is called the Mother of God, and the Spouse of the Holy Spirit. A perfect triangle is formed of the only two sinless human beings on either side of the Creator, who are also mother and son. I am envisioning the Dove (Holy Spirit) above the Father.

Yea I figured lol

Margie and Northtexan,

I have a certain theological background averse to such conclusions, but, by all means, if either of you have any Scriptural, Traditional, or Theological sources to support your belief I would be more than willing to listen. I have no pre-conceived biases. Thanks for your replies, both of you.

Theres no basis for mine…just a passing thought. :smiley:

Would lucifer be allowed in Heaven, if he is literally at the left hand of God, I thought nothing unclean could enter?

Here is some very interesting information on the “left hand of God” by Pseudo-Clement, Homily 7:


Reason of Simon’s Power

God, who created the heavens and the whole universe, does not want occasion for the salvation of those who would be saved. Wherefore let no one, in seeming evils, rashly charge Him with unkindness to man. For men do not know the issue of those things which happen to them, nay, suspect that the result will be evil; but God knows that they will turn out well. So is it in the case of Simon. He is a power of the left hand of God, and has authority to do harm to those who know not God, so that he has been able to involve you in diseases; but by these very diseases, which have been permitted to come upon you by the good providence of God, you, seeking and finding him who is able to cure, have been compelled to submit to the will of God on the occasion of the cure of the body, and to think of believing, in order that in this way you may have your souls as well as your bodies in a healthy state.

From Gregory the Great’s Pastoral Rule:


For hence it is that the Church says by the voice of the elect, His left hand is under my head, and his right hand shall embrace me Canticles 2:6. The left hand of God, to wit prosperity in the present life, she has put under her head, in that she presses it down in the intentness of her highest love. But the right hand of God embraces her, because in her entire devotion she is encompassed with His eternal blessedness. Hence again, it is said through Solomon, Length of days is in her right hand, but in her left hand riches and glory Proverbs 3:16. In speaking, then, of riches and glory being placed in her left hand, he showed after what manner they are to be esteemed. Hence the Psalmist says, Save me with your right hand Psalm 107:7. For he says not, with your hand, but with your right hand; in order, that is, to indicate, in saying right hand, that it was eternal salvation that he sought. Hence again it is written, Your right hand, O Lord, has dashed in pieces the enemies Exodus 15:6. For the enemies of God, though they prosper in His left hand, are dashed to pieces with His right; since for the most part the present life elevates the bad, but the coming of eternal blessedness condemns them.

And I am not condemning your passing thought dogmatically! Please don’t mistake. I am only searching and seeking, is all…

According to linear logic, No, obviously Lucifer would not be allowed in Heaven… This is complex, occult-like stuff, over my head, I admit it openly…

Satan reports to God in Heaven according to the book of Job.

See, this is exactly where things become complicated… According to many theologians I have read, Satan has since undergone some sort of “ontological” metamorphosis and degeneration downward between the Old and New Testaments…

I first thought Satan was the obvious answer, but such reflections have made me totally puzzled…

What do you believe about Satan, antonivs? Do you believe he is still super-secretively serving God as His secret agent, or something similar?

Well, according to the 1955 movie of the same name, it might be Humphrey Bogart.

The Holy Spirit or Gabriel, I have tentatively concluded.

Traditionally, the Archangel Gabriel is referred to as the left hand of God. This imagery has been used literarily, for example most recently in the film Van Helsing, where “Gabriel”, the vampire killer in the employ of the vatican, and lacking any memory of his past, is called “the left hand of God”.

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