Who Taught/Wrote The Quran:(1) Manuscripts of Raheb Bahira ( "Sergius the Monk" to the Latin West")

Who Wrote The Quran: (1) Manuscripts of Raheb Bahira ( “Sergius the Monk” to the Latin West")
more Info about this monk you can find it here: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bahira

I’m gonna give you 2 pdf documents about This Monk and his relation with Mohammad the prophet of Islam.
One is under the name: Document of Raheb Bahira English - Syriac --(1)-- وثيقة بحيرا الراهب إنجليزى-سريانى
The other is: Document of Raheb Bahira English - Arabic --(2)-- وثيقة بحيرا الراهب إنجليزى-عربى


Download it from here: sendspace.com/file/ubcg84

They are both connected to each others. And are RECOMMENDED to be read all.

The Book is “A Christian Bahira legend”

and you can find it on books.google.com/books?id=okIYAAAAYAAJ&printsec=frontcover&dq=A+Christian+Bahira+legend&source=bl&ots=sOldFfx44_&sig=7CokgpYm-9c2Yz8MkTWc-1RsmT4&hl=en&ei=bwKtS6qeMYT6lwfm7rmRAQ&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=2&ved=0CAkQ6AEwAQ#v=onepage&q=&f=false

There are 7 manuscripts for this Legend as stated below in pages 200 - 201:

Once you read it you gonna start understand Islam.

This Books and those manuscripts where not to public for centuries. They were hidden and few people knew about it, but many people knew their story because it was told generation after generation.

Those manuscripts shows how this monk ‘Raheb Bahira’ found Mohammad when he was small kid, and how it taught him about Christianity, and religion, and how he taught him the qur’an that we have now in our hands.

It is so recommended that you read those manuscripts by downloading them from above because they are the only way you gonna find out the truth about Islam, his book, and his prophet…

John Damascene, an Arab Christian working for the court of Damascus in the eighth century, also makes mention of the Bahira legend in his critique of Islam (which the wikipedia article was nice enough to link everybody), so we know the name and story was around within the first century of Islam’s existence.

As for teaching Mohammad all the Quran, as far as I’m aware of it was a chance encounter that wasn’t repeated. You can say that in his travels with caravans Mohammad encountered different Christian heresies that might have influenced his thinking, but I’m curious how one monk could have taught him everything. If we are to believe Bahira was Arian or anything of that nature, there would be theological differences as well as similarities between their teachings and what is expounded upon in the Quran.

The doctrine left by mohammad himself at Mt Sinia is pretty much in line with the Bahira Legend which to me only serves to make it very believable.

The Quran itself is a very different understanding than anything mohammad left in writting while he lived. Though I understand mohammad wrote the passages during a 23 year period from 40 til his death.

True Byzantine_Wolf, Mohammad knew the Syriac language and he use to encounter many Christians in his travels to the area around Syria.
He also had his relative ( I think his cousin maybe) he knew about the Torah and Talmud and the Jewish teachings. So you see Mohammad had many sources of information.

Never forget that he took so many myths from Jews and pagans and put it in the quran.

About this monk, once you gonna read those manuscript you gonna find that he even told him the A B C of Islam.

Many says that this monk did what he did as an act of revenge and vengeance of the church who kicked him…So he started his heresy that cost him his life, and the life of millions of innocent people…

Very interesting references…when I began studying the history of Islam, always the initial remarks were that Mohammed drew from Christianity,Judaism, and Gnostism…these appearing later in the compilation of the Koran…

The problem with Islam, as was stated recently in an article I shared, is that Islam is basically ahistorical…don’t know if this would have any affect on Muslims…

Well This is the truth, and someone has to say it.
We respect Muslims, but hey we can’t lie to you! It’s against what Jesus taught us.

It’s for your own good that you know the Truth now than you know it after you die…

crusader,you seem to be obsessed with islam,all your threads are about islam:confused:

Then why are you here? You have no right to dictate what people may talk about in a Christian forum. You came here of your own free will, you obviously will inevitably hear why Christians believe as they do here.

While I don’t agree with AIcrusader’s OP you have no right to dictate that Christians may not tell Muslims they consider Islam flawed.

we conisder just as much the same about christianity…it wont help anything .

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