Who tells the truth?


God first

Who tells the truth?


Yes who tells the truth it is not Fox News, but it not NBC News or CNN News either they all lie? God tells me that all men are lie and know not the truth that would mean that all Presidents do not tell the truth past and present.

Our government lies just like the rest of them and Obama is no different than other Presidents he writes the speech to push his way. Why do we have people on paychecks by our government I will understand this because congress should advising our President?

All seems to be a way to get our money and I do see nation health is not needed but like Kentucky has made a state heath insurance and if insurance was sold across state lines there would no need for a Nation Health Insurance. God heals our health by prayer and by the body healing itself the way God set it up.

The white cells fight against the bad cells it has this way over thousands of years but doctor try to help but they just kill the good with the bad. One day they might know how to direct every thing on the bad but this the best they can do now.

I hate that my thoughts are on the President and our health care these days I wonder if my mind is set on these things as what I must write. I guess I see the need and Obama is not seeing it and I do see it as a way to fix it.

Maybe he is listen to the wrong people maybe he should fire everybody that not part the congress and senate and begin listen to them. Because I feel our country will divide up over heath care and nobody wants to listen.

Is Obama a lying, am I a lying, is the government a lying, is congress lying, is the senate lying, and all men are lying. I do my best tell the truth and Obama I hope he does his best but I cannot read his heart.

We lie when News Cast gives us bad a report or we let our feeling get into it making it about what we feel more than what God wants us to write. I am going to end now with love and a holy Kiss Roy.


Governments come and go, but the Church stands forever. (Forgive me for disbelieving that the Holy Spirit Himself asks you to write your rambling, jumbled thoughts.)


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