Who the pope confesses his sins to?

I heard is to a Jesuit priest, is that true?

From my understanding, the pope confesses to one of the Vatican Priests. Most likely one of the higher-ranking priests, one that he trusts and knows personally.

The pope, like any member of the Catholic Church, is free to make his confession to any priest with faculties, or to choose an extraordinary confessor at any time.

There is no law or custom that says he must have a Jesuit confessor.

Being Pope does not make the Pope incapable of sin. Just so that is clear.

Unless the Pope himself declares who is confessor is, we would have no way of knowing.

The priest who hears his confession would not be able to come foward, due to the confidentiality and seal of the confessional.

I thought he didnt need to confess :confused:

Why wouldn’t he? He’s a human just like the rest of us, with the same temptations and stumbling blocks. :shrug:

Peace and God bless!

What would make you think that?

The pope is a holy man, but he is a man none the less.

Well, in Catholic theology, the pope has not been declared sinless. Catholics believe that if you sin, you must go to reconciliation. So the pope can go as well. It has been said that the wisdom that comes from the Holy Spirit, anointed by St.Peter’s role, makes him infallible in matters of church teaching. Not sinless though. From what I’ve been told, there have even been some very promiscuous popes in church history. :smiley: Even though they were sinful, Catholics believe that they are anointed by the wisdom of the Holy Spirit and St.Peter to be infallible on matters of theology.

Every member of clergy in the church confesses. (Or should confess, If the ideal is mentioned)

Yep I heard that before, I do believe he is a man like you and me and obviously with sins. I dont believe thou that he doesnt commit mistakes in the teachings but I know you guys believe that and thats ok is your faith. And yes in history you can see really bad popes that even try to keep the bible only for them and not for the people, the so called holy inquisition man that was bad ay but not just the pope also priests… I’ve visited different convents, one of them in Peru and arqueologist found heaps of baby bones buried in the convent so the nuns wwre not really out of trouble in there.

I hope thats part of the past thou

It’s certainly your right to disagree with papal infallibility. Many do so.

But he does indeed have to go to confession. I don’t want anyone to get a misconception about Catholicism.

I’m not Catholic, BTW. :slight_smile:

Let’s have the name of this convent in Peru - this is starting to sound very ‘Maria Monks’ all of a sudden.

When I run a search on infants buried in Peruvian convents I find San Franscico Convent and Church which was used as a burial place for 150 years for the poor of all ages in the local area - it also says this is a popular tourist destination. Piles of dead babies in convents indeed, next it will be secret passages to allow the monks in …


A quick Google of ‘pope confesses to jesuit’ brings up "5 things you didn’t know about the Vatican–a little ‘question and answer’ format by Luis Rocha about his latest book “The Holy Bullet” (Aug. 2009) So I guess that’s where you heard that little gem. . .along with a slur that a 20th century Pope has a daughter “Anna”. Funny that this Portuguese author with 2 whole books to his credit doesn’t seem to let us in on his own bio details OR the sources where he got his ‘data.’

Rexpi, why do you think the pope does not have to confess, he is a man and ALL PEOPLE SIN. I see you said you are confused well from most of the thread I have seen from you it is very true you are one confused person,may be it s time to let some of the good people here help you. PEACE

How do you make the leap from the inquisition to supposed dead babies in a convent in Peru?

You realize of course that the Bubonic plague was first seen in Peru in 1903 right?

To the best of my knowledge, none of the inquisitions reached to South America.

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