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Alright, say you've had a rough flight home from a trip/vacation/etc, and there were times when you thought you wouldn't touch the ground again (by that I mean you thought you were going to die).

Anyway, your flight lands safe and sound and you return to your family. Now that night when you're praying, who do you thank for the protection? Do you thank God, Mary, your Guardian Angel, the saints? Who do you thank for this?

I think it should be God, but I know Mary has power (correct?) and can protect someone as well. And obviously your Guardian Angel is there to protect you. So who is the right person to thank? Is there just one or should you thank all of them?

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Thank the holy Trinity and anyone else who prayed for your wellbeing. They know who they are. :)


Thank everyone. :) And especially note anyone in particular who might've especially helped by the grace of God.

It's a good rule to pray before every journey for a safe one.

St. Michael, St. Anthony, St. Christopher, St. Raphael, orate pro nobis.

St. Gabriel, ora pro nobis.

When you thank a saint you are thanking God in them. :)


I'd thank the Pilot. Maybe he listened/prayed to his guardian angel/protector/God. Yours just went along for the ride, as rough as it was.


Anyone's angel can help protect an airplane flight, not just the pilot's.

Thanking God is perfect and sufficient, for He's the one who answered any prayers that were made by you or any saints. But you can certainly also thank anyone you think may have prayed for you as well, such as Mary, your Guardian Angel or any other saint you appealed to.

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