Who tortures souls in hell, God or the devil?

Sorry if this a bad question.

Definitely not God. It’s all the fallen angels who inflict pain and suffering as that is their passion in hell. Their desire to make human suffer urges them on.


I’ve heard that the souls are at least partly tortured by the sins of the other condemned souls. Sort of like the opposite of the communion of saints.

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I think the greatest torture inflicted on the souls in Hell is knowing they will never see God again. And that is inflicted by themselves on themselves.


It is my understanding that Satan (God’s favored angel) loved God until God fully revealed himself. Satan loves justice and despises wrongdoings. Anyway, when God showed the second person of the Trinity (Jesus) Satan turned away from God because he could not accept the mercy of Jesus toward mankind. Therefore, I am concluding that in hell, a body and soul (resurrection of the dead is for all) will be under punishment without mercy from the Devil and the fallen angels.

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From my understanding it seems to be that the complete separation from God is the torture itself


C. S. Lewis described Heaven and Hell as beginning in this life. God loves everyone, but some consistently refuse to love God, or other people. They become less and less, even in their lifetime. They always have the chance to choose to accept God’s love later in life, and some do. They have free will.

But those who do not, at the time of death have withered away to almost nothing. They have no desire to be anywhere near God, or those who love God. For them, Heaven would be torture.

The gates of Hell are locked from the inside. They just want to be left alone. So God leaves them alone. Lewis describes their humanity as mostly, maybe totally gone at this point, they are like ghosts, or shadows at most. There is nothing left to “torture”, nor any reason.

The saints, by contrast, have become the most fully human during their lifetimes. Because of that, they can appreciate Heaven. Lewis makes allowance for something like a Purgatorial process, where souls who half heartedly accepted God’s love and loved others in this life, can finish developing in their humanity. Then they would be ready to understand and fit into Heaven.


Neither. They are tortured by their total separation from God. Satan and the angels that followed him will be tormented in hell just like everyone else who ends up here, and the torments of hell are not caused by God externally.


The Catholic movie, “What every Catholic should know about Hell” talks about reward and punishment. If the body participates in doing good like feeding the poor (hands, stomach) giving drink to the thirsty, praying (mouth and mind) then the body should be rewarded. Should the body participate in wrongdoings like lying (tongue), stealing (hand) then the body should also participate in punishment for the wrongdoings.

Short preview of movie: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=wTnZ1IOqfc8

Are we not our own worst enemy? Therefore in my view we torture ourselves here and hereafter.

The torture is separation from God

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Most of what we know of Hell is speculative, including this question. It may well be that the same presence of God that makes Heaven bliss for those who have been sanctified, makes those who hate God burn.

I also heard an interesting speculation that God in the end grants everyone their own right to be their own god, but with no gift or grace from his creation, living eternity cut off from all the rest of creation.

It’s all speculation.

This is not a bad question at all, though the answer is not what you’d suspect.

The thing that causes a soul in Hell to suffer is their distance from God. In that way, it is not God, but rather the lack-of-God that causes those in Hell to suffer.

Oddly, is it neither God nor the devil who is responsible for this, but only the person themselves. They could have accepted the out that God offered them, and chose not to.

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In hell it is God who takes revenge. He shows his power by crushing the damned. He does it using the devil as an instrument.

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Maybe God doesn’t torture souls directly, but the fact that he allows it forever means it’s his responsibility, since he could choose to stop it at any point, yet he doesn’t

The absence of God is what ‘tortures’. It implies things that exist there that are opposite to things in Heaven: discord, despair, confusion, misery, pain.

Correct, to put it simply you are bummed out for being left out of the most ricking party in the universe.

In The Biblical book of Song of songs 8:6 it talks
about Love(God’s love) this way: “Love is as strong
as death and Jealousy as severe as hell”. SO b/c
receiving God’s Love and returning that love to God
and others will defeat death but rejecting God’s Love
means hell.

That’s the Eastern Christian understanding.

That’s incorrect.

God takes his revenge by condemning them to hell in the first place.

Satan and the demons, contrary to popular opinion, don’t “rule” in hell - they are tormented in hell as well.

So it is the fact they are in hell, either cut off from God, or experiencing his burning presence (depending on the Western or Eastern opinion) that they are tormented.

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