Who Uses The 1962 Missal?


I use the 1962 Missal for private devotion and try to attend the Tridentine Mass whenever possible. I also attend the Novus Ordo mass quite regularly. Though I love traditional Catholicism, I don’t think that makes me a “traditionalist” per se’. I am wondering who else uses the 1962 Missal for private devotion, either regularly or intermittently.


I use it all the time, every day.


I use not only the 1962 Missal (Baronius Press) but as part of the Religious Order I belong to (Militiae Templi) I also use the 1960 Breviarum Romanum (Diurnale) for the praying of the Office…

I do not attend the Novus Ordo…

Non nobis Domine, Non nobis.
Bro. Seán Conner C.P.M.O.


In addition to being an aide to true “active participation” for the laity, it has references and prayers that have enriched my life. I have a new edition I carry with me that comes in handy when other Catholics ask why we still abstain from meat on Fridays when “Vatican II did away with that” or the like. I can cite exact documents I could not otherwise from memory and hopefully pass on to them a deeper curiosity and appreciation of their faith. Plus, latin is rad!


Wish I could be like you… :frowning:


I live in Ct and have know idea were you can find a sanctioned Latin Mass. However I’m hanging onto my 1962 missal
maybe before I die I’ll get to use it again.


I attend the Novus Ordo regularly, and go to TLM when I can. The reason I use the 1962 missal for private devotion is simply because the wealth of information contained within it. The missals of today do not compare at all to the old ones. The art work, the prayers, everything about the old missal is highly superior to the Pauline missal available today. I give it two thumbs up!



Approved Tridentine Latin Mass locations in CT can be found here.


Thank You


I didn’t realize how ignorant I am about the various masses…Tridentine vs Novus Ordo. So, can someone please explain the meaning. I attend Mass in English.


I answered this question once before when it came up. It can be found in this thread:

I hope this helps.



From an entry on video.google.com:

The texts of the Latin prayers, and English translations of the same, which are common to every Traditional Latin Mass may be found here: sacred-texts.com/chr/lmass/ord.htm

The texts and English translations of the prayers which are proper to any particular TLM can be found here: sspx.co.uk/propers.php

You may find these helpful as well:

Video of a Tridentine / Traditional “Solemn High” Mass:

Video of a Tridentine / Traditional “Low” Mass:

I think you will be able to readily compare those texts and videos to your personal knowledge of the Mass of Paul VI, commonly referred to as the Novus Ordo, which is nearly always celebrated in the local language, e.g. English where you live.

In the Hearts of Jesus and Mary.



I use the 1962 Roman Missal from Baronius Press. It is beautiful and includes a wealth of private devotions. I use it to follow along during Mass, and as a prayer book; it has some beautiful prayers for before and after receiving Communion. I normally attend the traditional Mass only but will occasionally attend a Novus Ordo, i.e. if for some reason I can’t get to a traditional Mass and need to fulfill my obligation. I attend the indult here where I live, but would have no problem with assisting at Mass at a chapel of the SSPX if that were the nearest traditional Mass. I also dislike calling it the “Tridentine” Mass, as if it were just invented at the Council of Trent the same way the Novus Ordo was created by a committee which included several Protestant ministers and was presided over by an Archbishop (Bugnini) whom even Paul VI suspected of being a Freemason :eek:…the “Tridentine” Mass is in fact much, much older than the Council of Trent. I guess that’s a topic for another thread though!


I know you have probably already located the TLM listings for Conn. but just incase you didn’t here are a couple; New Haven, 2:00pm sunday at Sacred Heart; Bridgeport, 10:15 am at SS.Cyril/Methodius; Stamford, 2:00pm Sacred Heart; Moodus, 12:00 noon Old St. Bridget’s. Also on the 4th sunday at 4:00 pm at Our Lady of Sorrows in Hartford.

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