Who wants to talk about baby names? (again)


So, it looks like number three is on the way! Since dreaming about names is waaay more fun that thinking about moving furniture, daycare expenses, and how the heck we’re going to afford a new car that has room for three car seats. (Come on 4yo! Get to the minimum weight for a booster seat already!) that’s what we’re focusing on this week.

We’ve pretty much agreed on Tobin Francis for a boy. But we can’t agree on a girl’s name. My top pick is Annalise, which he doesn’t care for. He wants Victoria, which I can’t stand. We need inspiration! #2 turned out to be a boy, but we were favoring Maria for him. But we couldn’t come up with the perfect middle name to go with it.


I think I like Annalise more than Victoria. Theresa, Maria, Lauretta…all good girls names :slight_smile: I like those traditional-sounding names. Oh! Magdalena also sounds nice.


Anna is a good name. It means graceful. I like Maria. Try Maria Terese? Claire Maria?


Maria is a lovely name but often seems to fit better as a middle name rather than a first name. There’s three syllables going on there already so howabout something simpler and timeless to begin with - eg: Joy Maria? Joy’s a beautiful name, is easy to spell and fit on that nursery school peg and would suit her aged 3, 30 and 70.
Miriam Grace is also a nice combination, or how about Maria Rose…there, I managed to find a good candidate for a middle name!


How about Jacinta or Therese? Felicity and Lydia are lovely names as well.


Lydia would be on my own list. I also like Caitlin and Monica.


Try combining them. Annoria. Victoralise. Okay, maybe not. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I think Clare goes well with Maria. Maria Clare.


Congratulations, Allegra! I’m happy for you!

Are you looking at a general discussion of names or brainstorming for names for your #3? I would have had to have a Duggar sized family to use all the names I came up with for kids but Maria was one of them. After the BVM but also after a favorite singer of mine and I might have paired it with another “M” name; twin initials were a naming convention started by my paternal grandfathers side, so Maria…oooo, I’m stumped now that the pressure’s on. But that leads me to the other thing: I like to use family names so for you I don’t know what I could match it with.


We have a disagreeable niece called Joy. I did consider Maria Joy.


Brainstorming mostly, I guess .


Yes, congrats!


I’m team Annalise, but I also like names like Violet or Prudence or Octavia.

Octavia Marie is a pretty name.


Maria sounds good with other names that end in “a” like Maria Louisa, Maria, Elena, Maria Octavia, Maria Monica (MM!), etc.


Annamaria for a girl and Augustine, Ignatius, Aloysius, Xavier for a boy.


Actually, I disagree. It might be our German surname, but I’m looking for either a one-syllable or a multi-syllable that doesn’t end in “uh”.


For example, I like Maria Kathryn, Maria Bridget, and Maria Grace. But none of them I like as much as Annalise.


Claire’s a name I’ve kept in my back pocket, but I’ve only had boys. :slight_smile:

For me, I was looking for strong, traditional names, like former presidents/vice-presidents/governors, cross-referenced with names that had a strong Catholic/Biblical meaning.

So if you like creative spellings, or countrified names, or geographic-based names, go ahead and say so, but I’d look at some of the First Ladies, perhaps. Elizabeth, Louisa Catherine, Emily, Sarah, Anna, Julia, Rose Elizabeth, Caroline, Helen, Margaret, Grace, Eleanor, Claudia. Then I’d cross-check them against people in my personal life, personal associations I might have with people who have the same name, how it flows with your last name, and what sort of religious figure they may or may not be associated with.


Maria Annalise? I think that’s pretty. Maria Victoria is pretty too but it sounds very grand.


I like Claire too, but with Maria because it would sound like Marie Claire and no. I do like Annalise Claire! Did you ever notice how pretty much any middle name goes well with Annalise? What’s Mr. Allegra’s problem? (Actually, I know what it is. He has a frequent customer with the name and she’s high-maintenance.


Leah, Rebecca, Sarah…what about annemarie?

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