Who Was Douglas McArthur McCain? Should Americans Worry About ISIS in US?


After the body of an American who was fighting for ISIS was found in Syria following a fight with another extremist group, the question on people’s mind is: What made an American turn to a jihadi lifestyle?

Douglas McArthur McCain, 33, was found dead after a firefight in Aleppo, Syria, with al-Nusra Front, a terrorist group linked to al Qaeda. An American passport and $800 were found on his body.

Born in Minnesota, McCain, who later identified himself as “Duale Khalid,” hopped around from place to place before finally landing in the Middle East. His family had no idea he was in Syria. McCain becoming a jihadi left his family “devastated” and had them “just as surprised as the country,” said Ken McCain, Douglas’ uncle, who lives in Minnesota.

McCain’s story is part of a larger narrative, where people of foreign descent travel to the Middle East to fight for the cause of Islamic extremist groups. NBC News reports that McCain was one of 3 foriegn jihadist found dead over the weekend. According to the Washington Times, approximately 300 American Passport holders are fighting along ISIS, and there is mounting concern that ISIS might infiltrate America, or that their militants are already among us.

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On Meet the Press this past weekend (U.S. TV news commentary show for those not in the states) they were talking about this issue and Britain. They estimated that 500 British went to the Middle East to support ISIS and about half have returned to Britain. I’m not sure how they knew that and what they intend to do but if true, it’s pretty disturbing.


Worry about ISIS? With our tissue-thin Southern border? You betcha.


I think EVERYONE should worry about ISIS.


Yeah, I live less than a mile from a Border Patrol station, they do intercept folks from terrorsist sponsoring nations. Most of the line folks are worried, they figure they’re missing a lot more than they are catching. They’ve intercepted Hamas, Hezbollah, and Al Queda operatives.

Not just the border, but all the various state/localgovernments as well as the federal goverment actively aiding and abetting immigration violations. We’ve created a huge population of illegal immigrants for terrorists to blend into, and we’ve instructed police departments and other LEO organizations to basically ignore the status. They can’t even follow up on suspicions.

Were you aware that in ~2008 (ETA, sorry it was 2010) a VA state trooper pulled over a man, suspected he was an illegal and at the time could investigate. Turned out he was right, the man was an illegal. He ran a flight school for a living. Yes, an illegal alien running a flight school. When they investigated the flight school they found at least 25 student in the country illegally.
It’s an a GAO report on general aviation safety, I’ll try and find the link.

ETA: gao.gov/products/GAO-12-875 page 29. Boston area flight school

The most likely way to find terrorists will be incidents like that, just normal every day encounters with local law enforcement. And we’ve pretty much eliminated the ability for LEOs to utilize that opportunity.


Not sure how they know that? Hmmm. After seeing the press conference by recently ‘released’ Peter Theo Curtis. uk.news.yahoo.com/syria-hostage-peter-theo-curtis-back-us-soil-113926913.html I am beginning to believe those Americans and Brits over there were recruited by our own and Britain’s own gov. As spies to infiltrate? Or as patsies?



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