Who was Jesus?


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No, I am not literally asking that… though I bet I’m going to get a ton of posters here who didn’t read my description. :banghead: … :rotfl: Lol, anyway I’m sure a lot of you haven’t heard of it, but a few years ago a very interesting shown aired on Discovery channel and still airs as a re-run every now and then. It’s title was, “Who was Jesus.” I really enjoyed the show. If you haven’t seen it but you have Netflix go watch it on Netflix. Now, there are some parts of the show were is considers a certain detail in the gospels not historically accurate. But the show is not about disproving the gospels, they even say in the beginning of the show that there is no way they can prove or disprove the Bible, the show is more about how Jesus thought and what type of environment he grew up in to influence the type of teachings he would use to spread his message. It’s very interesting and starts out at what Christ’s life might had been like in his childhood. I am gong no further because I don’t want to spoil the show for the rest of you… even though I probably spoiled a lot… :doh2: … But anyway I suggest you guys try to find a way to check the show out. If you have seen it tell me what you thought about it.

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I liked it. I bought a copy of it for my RCIA class to show the historical and geographic background of first century Palestine. What I liked about it was that the film was not put together by agnostics trying to disprove a historical Jesus (there is enough of that out there already). The three main commentators are Christians (Baptist minister& theologian, a theologian from a university and an archaeologist). Though not Catholic, the film remains theologically neutral (for the most part). If there is a discrepancy with Catholic belief, I point it out to the class. But the purpose of this film is not to teach theology but to give historical background to Jesus’ life… :thumbsup:


Exactly, I agree. And they were all Christians? I only thought the Baptist dude was. Did they mention it in the series?


I has been a year since I saw it last, but from they way they talk about Jesus it was apparent (to me) that they were. If you get their names you could google them and find out.


The Baptist theologian guy was the only Christian. The women was Jewish, and the other guy was agnostic.


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The three volume set by Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI on Jesus of Nazareth outline a Catholic perspective. The Pope states that the books are his opinions based on his extensive lifetime study of scripture. The books are worth the read.

There are technical details in Benedict’s books that some may not understand. But, it is worth the effort of figuring out what he is talking about.

At a more technical level of discussion, The One Jesus by Fr. David Vincent Meconi SJ is a detailed (and somewhat technical) discussion of St. Augustine’s concept of deification. There’s a lot of quotes in Latin Greek German French and some other language which can slow you down. But, it’s easy enough to follow the logic. This is for a more advanced reader. It seems to be a theology textbook and carries a textbook price.


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