Who was received into the Church on Easter Vigil?`

I just like to add 4 people were baptized into the Catholic Church on Saturday and 40 more in Combat Theatre of Operations in Iraq.

Anyone like to share how many people came into your local parish Church?

Ten adults Confirmed, one adult Baptized and Confirmed, and 4 kids Baptized.

So, fifteen total.

Great Thread :clapping:


We had 3 adult baptisms and 15 confirmations.

4 Baptisms (3 adults & 1 child)
20 (I think) Confirmed. We had some decide not to go through at the last minute so I think I counted right. Pray for them that they might find where they need to be.

Also pray for us (the ones confirmed) that we stay strong in our Catholic Faith!!

Three baptised (Mom and her two daughters):thumbsup: three adults received Comfirmation.

Grand Total received this Easter Vigil----SIX who have Come Home:)

11 baptisms (3 adult, 2 teens, 6 children), 3 received into full communion. Among this group were also 3 convalidations, 2 weddings planned for May, and a reconciliation of a separated couple. Something about the sacraments is muey romantico. This also included 2 families who entered the Church together.

We had twelve new Catholics come in. There were six baptisms, four adults and two children.

All told we have twelve bight shiney new Catholics at St. Anthony’s. I think counting me five us got Baptized and Confirmed the rest confirmed.

my youngest 3 were among the 14 children baptized at our parish. there were also 4 adults baptized, 3 joining through profession of faith (and thus first communion and confirmation) and about 6 additional adults that received confirmation. We still have youth confirmations ahead of us.

I think we had close to 25 babtizms and 75 total confirmed at our Vigil. I was really a spectacular event. (not to mention long, three hours)

at the Easter Vigil, 2 were baptized (including myself) and 2 more were confirmed.


The begining of a lifelong journey.

ITs not for wimps, but there is nothing more rewarding for the struggle this side of heaven!

Again, welcome home!


Holy Pete!

Your evnagelization team is unto something there!!!

I forgot to mention that the 15 from my parish were just from the English-speaking community.

Who knows how many Spanish and Portuguese-speaking people were Baptized and Confirmed?!?!? (HUGE Hispanic and Brazilian community here in my parish!)

I’m guessing that there were a total of 40 or more, when including all three language groups.

in my parish, we had three baptisms. a baby, this older woman, and I. then 9 others who were confirmed. 11 total brought into the church. the baby was from a lady who was confirmed. so, 12 total brought into the Church? Praise the Lord.

Yeah, its called belonging to the largest Parish in the metro area.:wink:

Our parish saw about 80 total. Something like 30 baptisms and 50 comfirmed. I wonder if it is the same as 6YRSHOME? Colorado?

We had two adults received by profession of faith (including yours truly), and two adults recieved by baptism. Our confirmation will be May 5th, the precise anniversary of my confirmation in the Lutheran Church. That’s too much to be coincidence, methinks!

I like to add those baptized were also confirmed and received their first communion. The Vigil lasted 2 and half.

I like to add those baptized were also confirmed and received their first communion. The Vigil lasted 2 and half.

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