Who was Simon Magus?


In the bible, a man named Simon tried buying powers from Peter and was told off. Is there any other information on who Simon is?


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You may find this Catholic Encyclopedia helpful: newadvent.org/cathen/13797b.htm

Here is a quote from it: "

According to the testimony of St. Justin (“First Apolog.”, xxvi), whose statement as to this should probably be believed, Simon came from Gitta (in the Pseudo-Clementine Homilies, II, xxii, called (Getthon) in the country of the Samaritans. At the outbreak of the persecution (c. 37 A.D.) of the early Christian community at Jerusalem that began with the martyrdom of St. Stephen, when Philip the Deacon went from Jerusalem to Samaria, Simon lived in the latter city. By his magic arts, because of which he was called “Magus”, and by his teachings in which he announced himself as the “great power of God”, he had made a name for himself and had won adherents. He listened to Philip’s sermons, was impressed by them, and like many of his countrymen was baptized and united with the community of believers in Christ. But, as was evident later, his conversion was not the result of the inner conviction of faith in Christ as the Redeemer, but rather from selfish motives, for he hoped to gain greater magical power and thus to increase his influence. For when the Apostles Peter and John came to Samaria to bestow on the believers baptized by Philip the outpouring of the Spirit which was accompanied by miraculous manifestations, Simon offered them money, desiring them to grant him what he regarded as magical power, so that he also by the laying on of hands could bestow the Holy Ghost, and thereby produce such miraculous results. Full of indignation at such an offer Peter rebuked him sharply, exhorted him to penance and conversion and warned him of the wickedness of his conduct. Under the influence of Peter’s rebuke Simon begged the Apostles to pray for him (Acts 8:9-29). However, according to the unanimous report of the authorities of the second century, he persisted in his false views. The ecclesiastical writers of the early Church universally represent him as the first heretic, the “Father of Heresies”.

Simon is not mentioned again in the writings of the New Testament. The account in the Acts of the Apostles is the sole authoritative report that we have about him. The statements of the writers of the second century concerning him are largely legendary, and it is difficult or rather impossible to extract from them any historical fact the details of which are established with certainty."


Simon Magus (Simon the Magician) was a main character in the 1954 movie *The Silver Chalice *portrayed by actor Jack Palance.:thumbsup:

Simon Magus also appears in the apocryphal Acts of Peter and Paul, written about A.D. 200 .


I’ve seen him connected to those early adherents to Gnosticism.


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I haven’t come across the movie or the Acts of Peter and Paul-I’ll check them both out :D.



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