Who was St. Susanne?

I can not find any information at all. If you Google St. Susanne, Google will assume you are looking for St. Suzanna .
There is a parish named St. Susanne and on the diocese web site it says the church was named after the patron saint of the Catholic Extension Society which financed the construction of the church. The Extension Society however claims St. Phillip Nero as their patron saint.
Thanks for any insight



Google thinks you are looking for St. Susanna or St Suzanna

Can you link to the parish website? I also could find no St. Susanne on Google.

Suzanne, Susanne, Suzanna, Susanna, Susan.

These are all variations of spelling of the same name.

Possible Saints:
St. Susanna from the Book of Daniel

St. Susanna, mentioned as a disciple in the book of Luke

St. Susanna of Rome, 3rd century martyr

Saint Susanna of Eleutheropolis, 4th century martyr

Saint Susanna Cobioje, other spellings * Susanna Cobioje, Susanna Kobioje, Susanna Coboio. 16th century Japanese martyr

Bl. Suzanne Androuin, martyr in the French Revolution

St. Susanna U Surim, Bl. Susanna Gang-Gyeong-Bok, Korean martyrs

You’ll have to ask them. Perhaps different chapters of the extension society have differ patrons? Or more than one?

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There no references anywhere else though to St. Susanne spelled this particular way

I agree it’s very strange. Maybe they simply misspelled it back in the day and never fixed it? That’s honestly my best guess.


Thanks Cecilia!!

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So it says the Myrrh bearers have a feast day on the second Sunday after Easter, but St Susanna of Rome who is different, has her feast day on August 11. Is Susanna the Myrrh bearers a Saint?

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I have to be honest, I don’t know a great deal. I think so yes.

Again, all variations of the same name. Someone just spelled it with an s instead of a z.

You will need to contact the parish itself for more information.

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