Who was the best pope in history and why


Peter to Francis please example why


Having only been alive for a few I can only say Peter. Because he walked in Jesus footsteps and gave his all for God.


Peter. You can’t beat being Jesus’ best friend.



Peter, because he was one of Jesus’ peeps AND he got crucified upside down. You don’t get more metal than that.


Leo XIII. Pius X was pretty amazing as well, however.


So many layers since so many of them implemented things pertaining to their time and they did it so well.

Pope St. Gregory the Great may be one of my favorites. Pope Leo XIII was incredible too and we got the St. Michael prayer from him.

Pope St. Pius X foresaw the modernist heresy and warned us.


Piux V, architect of the Counter Reformation, Innocent III provided much of the dogmatic structure in the church at the Lateran Council we still have today, Urban II who expanded the Church’s breadth back into the Middle East.


Perhaps St. Peter. He was the first and he knew our Lord personally.


There is an upside down “St. Peter’s Cross” on the stained glass window of a church near my home.
The pastor had to publish an explanation in the bulletin about why it wasn’t satanic.


:rofl: Too much.


Leo XIII is my personal favorite. I don’t understand why he is not on the path to sainthood.

He was also the first Pope to be filmed and the first to have his voice recorded, saying the “Ave Maria” (starts at 33 seconds on the film clip)


Pope Pius XII standing against the most evil force in know history


I’ve seen this! What an amazing part of historical footage. Did you know it was made to disprove rumours of the Pope’s ill-health to the Austro-Hungarian Emperor? It was screened at his court, showing the Pope walking around the Vatican gardens. This was a time where there was much discussion of preparing for a conclave. Of course, as you may be aware, this was the Conclave at which this same sovereign cast the veto that ensured the election of Pope Pius X. It was a very interesting, if highly dysfunctional system, typical of the age.


I’m familiar with only St. Peter, JPII, Benedict XIV, and Francis. I’ll give the nod to Peter.


He lived another 7 years so I guess he was pretty well.



The Greatest

St. Leo I (440-61)

Doctor of Doctrine; fought the heresies of Pelagianism, Manichæism, Priscillianism, and Monophysitism; defined the two natures of Christ in his famous Tome; turned back Attila the Hun and interceded successfully with the Vandals on behalf of the Romans

Other outstanding popes (in chronological order):

St. Peter (32-67)
The first pope; instrumental in establishing the early Church and spreading the Gospel

St. Gregory I (590-604)

Doctor of Hymnology; pastoral rule and liturgical reforms have influenced the Church for centuries

St. Gregory VII (1073-85)
Purified Church through reformation of clergy when the Church had been flooded with immorality

Innocent III (1198-1216)

Battled Albigensian heresy; summoned and presided over Fourth Lateran Council; asserted the rights of the Church and Papacy

St. Pius V (1566-72)

Implemented the Tridentine reforms and directives; stood firm against the many heresies of his day which emerged from the “Reformation”; public call for prayer of the Rosary resulted in the defeat of the Turks at Lepanto


He had a long and happy life! The sort most of our Pontiffs are granted.


Why don’t popes wear hats like his anymore? That’s a style statement!


In Europe, some priests still dress like that.

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