Who was the most handsome saint?


Who was the most handsome male saint in history? I want to know more about him! :slight_smile:



Think your focus might be off a bit?


Not quite A saint, but THE saint… JESUS!

We are His Bride, after all…



Who was the most handsome male saint in history? I want to know more about him!

Err, you’ll have to wait until I die and get canonized. :smiley:



Hmm, well, I don’t think Jesus qualifies as a saint, since a saint is a follower of Jesus. :wink:


…:rotfl: …


Darn, Jim…you stole my line again. :stuck_out_tongue:

If women love a man in uniform, they’ll have to totally swoon over a guy in brown Franciscan robes. :rotfl:


He was the role model for the saints, now wasn’t He?

Anyways, it was purely a joke with truth behind it…


ROFL, Jim! That’s a first time for me hearing that phrase!


I,m sure that it had to be an IRISH saint, perhaps Brendan,Aidan?


Augustine was once quite the ladies man. And there were a number of beautiful female saints who had to beat the men off them too.


Just what I was going say. He probably was very handsome based upon the licentious life he led before his conversion.


Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati was very handsome and well liked by all of his friends.

But isn’t it wonderful to know, that Our dear Lord looks beyond the physical attributes (which of course, are gifts from Him)… to the beauty of our souls?

Should make us all want to try real hard, to adorn that part of us… which only God sees.

Interesting thread. Thanks!


…mmmm…another happy aspect of Heaven to look forward to! … keeping an eye out for the most handsome saint:thumbsup: …


I agree with Pier Giorgio. Nice looking guy. And I think Gemma Galgani was extraordinarily lovely, though I’ve always personally thought that Mary would probably be the most beautiful woman to ever live.


In that case you are out of luck my friend :eek: coz I’m going to get canonized sooner or later and then no one will give you a damn! :smiley:


The point I am trying to make is that it is difficult for handsome guys to keep the women off them and so their struggle with purity is even more difficult.

So far, three contenders:

  1. Augustine (pic please)
  2. Brendan,Aidan (pic please)
  3. Pier Giorgio (Hey, he’s not a saint as yet)


My first thought was St. John Bosco. Probably because the actor who portrayed him in the movie was very handsome.


Also his personality and sense of humor made him super attractive. He lived to be 72, so the photo above was probably taken in his later years. Still an attractive man!


Oh yeah? Well beat this pal! :smiley:




I’m more handsome than him! :slight_smile:

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