Who was the Pharaoh in the time of exodus?


In the bible, Moses was commanded by God to free the Jews from captivity. Who was Pharaoh during this time period?


I Googled this and most sites say it was Thutmose III, from which, apparently Moses got his name. Here is an interesting article:


I found it confusing, though, and after reading it, was wondering which Thutmose it actually was.


I Googled this and most sites say it was Thutmose II, from which, apparently Moses got his name. Her is on interesting article:



I started to read some of the many articles I Googled, and the more I read, the more I realized there is a lot of discussion and disagreement about this. Since I am no archeologist, I am really confused now. :smiley:

There is one thing they seem to agree on: it was not Ramses, as it was thought for a long time. And they seem to agree that the daughter of the Pharaoh who pulled Moses out of the water was none other than Hapsetsut, who later became a female Pharaoh and even wore a beard. I saw a documentary recently where they recently positively identified her mummy.

So perhaps we don’t really know.


Since the date of the Exodus is an intelligent guesstimate, everything becomes speculative.
There is no definitive way of of telling which Pharaoh it was.The Bible doesn’t say so and there are no extra-biblical evidence.


The Historian Josephus in his “Against Apion” indicates who this Pharaoh may have been. He seems to indicate Tethmosis, in his critical use of Manetho’s recorded history. See Book 1, Chapter 26, Sections 231 & 241 also see Book 2, Chapter 2, Section 16 in “Apion.”

The “Naked Archaeologist” has some shows on this that are very interesting, but he comes up with a different Pharaoh! :confused:


Okey, it is clear that it would be difficult to determine the exact Pharaoh without knowing what year Exodus took place in.

Is it at least possible to answer the question of which of the thirty three dynasties the Pharaoh was part of?


There is a theory that Moses was actually the Pharaoh Akhenaten.



Here is the “Naked Archaeologists” take on Exodus Pharaoh.



A word of advice. I’d take everything Simcha Jacobovici says with a grain of salt, even the stuff where he tries to prove the historicity of the Bible.



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