Who were Adam's womb based parents?


This is my final question on Evolution.

who was Adam’s parents? if so they be from animals, would Adam be fathered by animals?


Adam was created by God. God was his parents. No womb


It may be possible that Adam was a homonoid whom God gave a rational soul. In that case he would have had parents.


Catholic are free to theorize within the realms of common sense on this. We know that Adam was the first human. Did God literally mold him from nothing, or was he result of generations of evolution, or something in between, or something else entirely? Those questions are for scientists. However, we know that something about Adam made him “in God’s own image” apart from any biological parent he might have had.


God clearly says in Genesis, Adam came from the dirt .

“Then the Lord God formed a man[c] from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being.”


Science is concerned with the how, religion with the why, but in the account of creation, there is common ground, as in the end .


Well I was taught a better translation is that God made man from the slim of the earth. Could have been 1 cell creatures that evolved into a man. The real point is that it only happened once. All humans are related to Adam and Eve.


What is meant by slim?


Great-Grandma Moses? I think that dad was some guy named Vinny from New Jersey. Believe he was on shore leave, but don’t quote me on that.

Seriously, your assertion is that of infinite regression which, to this Vulcan, seems illogical.


The Bible is not meant to be taken literally at all times- it’s not a science text


Organically active mud is my guess but it could be anything.


We are free to take the Bible literally, or a mix of literally and not. What we are to understand is that the Bible is God’s self revelation to us for the purpose of our salvation. God gives us the knowledge and wisdom we need, in Sacred Scripture , for this purpose.


Well, there’s a great leap forward that happened about 40-60 thousand years ago. By that time homo sapiens was around anatomically. So an anatomical but unensouled homo sapiens could be his mother. But where exactly he came in isn’t something I’ve given a ton of thought to.


Yes, I read that, too! that’s why I cal Adam ‘the Mud Man!’


However that story has never been mentioned in all of human history. As far as I know, creation stories around the world don’t support the Ensouled Homonid Theory either.

I can only imagine the family gatherings where Adam and Eve have to deal with their mindless ape relatives :rofl:


I cannot see Adam being born from animal parents or from some proto-human or pre-human parents.

Our Lady says she is the Immaculate Conception. She did not say she was an Immaculate Conception or the third Immaculate Conception.

Adam was created by God and was without sin. Eve was created from Adam by God and she was without sin. Neither Adam or Eve were conceived without sin. They were created and then later sinned.


You’re assuming that a living Adam would have had to have been given a soul at conception, right? What’s the basis for that assumption?

What if they were created (i.e., ‘conceived’) and later received a soul, and even later than that, sinned?


The soul doesn’t exist until Conception. What you’re describing is God allowing a human soul to possess an animal body.

Did they just wake up one day?


The following articles might of interest to you:




Not really. They make the same assumption you’re making, and also without substantiating it. :man_shrugging:

You’re touching on some of the great current debates on ensoulment. :wink:

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