Who/What is God, or is He an idea of sorts?


I have a question and I just want to get a feel of people’s take on it. Who or what is God? Who do you imagine answering your prayers? Is God an inner voice, the one with all the answers that lies in your heart? God being refered to as male never sat well with me. I’m not sure why. For me it is easier to imagine a woman reassuring me that life is going to be okay. Or is God supposed to be more of an idea, an all-seeing beam of light or such that gives a greater meaning to an otherwise meaningless life? Is it wrong to imagine God as a woman, as a human? I’m trying to come back to the faith and it is easier for me to imagine and ‘talk/pray’ to the form of another human instead of this great spirit light depicted in many paintings. This human form is God to me, but She is just choosing to take the human form to help me come back to the chruch.

okay and just on my defense because i know someone is going to say that i’m mentally ill or something I think God is whatever you need Her/Him to be, my vision of God my not be the same as yours and that is okay, we have different needs


God is the only god in existence. He is the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Three Persons in One God; One God with Three Persons. His Essence is unfathomable. His Nature is known only to a certain extent. But what we know of Him, we know that He is Good. He has revealed Himself to man, and His Revelation is written in the verses of the Scriptures. If you study the Scriptures correctly, you’ll get to know God. Go and learn.


Jesus is God, Jesus lived here on earth as a man…There are many pictures of Him through the ages, you could picture that in your head…Nobody knows what he looked like but the art interpretations bring us an image…Read the New Testament, you’ll find your answers there…


Hi Biandblessed,
you will find some interesting insights into the personhood of God if you read the Bible. I remember that I was extremely surprised when I read in the Old Testament some of the statements that God the Father made to the prophets. Either in Jeremiah or in Isaiah, God tells something like “I spread my arms all day long towards my unfaithful people”, and “the tears pour from my eyes”. When I read these verses, I realized that God is definitely a person who cares about us and has feelings, God is not some abstract idea or form of energy.


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Whilst Jesus is a man, masculinity and femininity are but a few of goodness knows how many attributes of God. It’s ok to see God as playing the role of a mother for instance. He does. If you are coming home I welcome you and will pray for you. The important thing is to just love God however you perceive God. ask God to teach you about Him and he will. God is infinitely loveable because He is infinite love, so don’t worry you won’t love God as you get to know God better. you will. I’m refering to God as He, but you just get to know God and love Him and all will be well. God loves you and will teach you everything you need to know and when your ready if you ask Him. We can’t do much and the only thing God wants is our love, which is a good thing, so give it to Him and He will take care of you.

I’m going to post my thoughts about what it’s like to exist in heaven shortly. You may like my theory. It’ll be called - What’s it like to exist in heaven ? Will it be the same as now?

It’ll give some insight into who God is I hope. I hope I explain it well. It may be of interest to you as you try to understand God better.

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Here is the link to the post I mentioned. I hope it’s usefil forums.catholic.com/showthread.php?p=5395097#post5395097

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God is by definition beyond definition.


God IS Who He IS. We aren’t the source of God with our thoughts, ideas, hopes; He is our Source, the Creator of all that is.He Is the only Necessary Being. A book that you would find very helpful is Frank Sheed’s Theology for Beginners.



If you are mentally ill you are in a very large group. The question you ask has been an issue many people over centuries have questioned but the most reasonable response is God is in the most purist spiritual being. God is Spirit transcending matter space and time. The reference “He” is and most always has been an expression of reference but not as an identifier of gender as God has no gender. God is spiritual, supernaturally comprised of all that is pure but if you can imagine each positive attribute a human being may possess, such as purity of heart and mind, love, compassion, righteousness, mercy, forgiveness, patience and so on, each attribute independantly is born of God purely and limitlessly. Human beings may possess some or many of these attributes but no one person has every attribute nor an attribute to its supremacy or intensity as God. God can enforce Justice with the firmness we most frequently associate to a male yet embrace us most tenderly and lovingly with the compassion of a loving, tender and forgiving mother. God is the source and very core of every beautiful, desirable affection a person, male or female, could seek or imagine and in times of consolation no being could radiate the reassurance and warmth of a loving embrace more intensely. Is it wrong to imagine God as a woman or man? It is only wrong in the sense that it instills a limit in one’s mind of human masculinity or femininity, rather than ALL that God is. Our Creator is every aspect of love and all that comes from love.


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Very well said:)

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