Who will set up an Advent wreath? (Post your pictures here!)

Who will set up an Advent wreath? If you do put the pictures here PLEASE!


I will. I’m gathering my supplies now. :grinning:

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My family will have an Advent wreath set up this year! I bought for a sweet little family prayer booklet to use with my daughter. I will post pictures of the wreath on Sunday.

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Yes I hope to for sure :slight_smile:

I Will…


I will have one set up. All were encouraged at my parish to bring in their Advent wreaths on Saturday morning for Father to bless.


I am going to take mine :slight_smile:

That is very nice, I hope MANY bring their’s in.

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Crocheted by my good friend.


I shall. We found a nice ceramic one a few years back.

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One of my kiddos made one in school many years ago and we still use it.

The candles are wooden cylinders with a narrow hole running down the inside of it, and the flames are gold pipe cleaners bent to shape.

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Last year I made my own:

This year I will do the same. It will likely look just like this again, but I’ll post a new picture all the same. Tomorrow I’ll go collect the branches and soak them overnight. I’ll put it together Saturday evening. I love advent! :heart:


I remember yours! It was/is beautiful!


That is the exact same one I have! I bought it last year as my new family’s first advent wreath and the candles that came with it don’t fit the holders and are about a foot tall! Where do you get candles for it?

Thank you! We quite liked it. The challenge now is to keep it alive longer. By the time we got to the end of advent last year it was pretty crispy, and we kept it watered and fed.

Did you mist it daily? That’s what a wreath I had said to do.

I can’t remember. I think I certainly intended to. I’m not sure how successful I was though. I’ll try to be more diligent about it this year.

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Can an Advent wreath use battery power candles? Do to where I live can’t have the real things too high a risk of fire .


You can do whatever you like. There are no hard and fast rules.


My Candles came with it.

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