"Who Will Stand Up for the Christians?" asks President of World Jewish Conference



WHY is the world silent while Christians are being slaughtered in the Middle East and Africa? In Europe and in the United States, we have witnessed demonstrations over the tragic deaths of Palestinians who have been used as human shields by Hamas, the terrorist organization that controls Gaza. The United Nations has held inquiries and focuses its anger on Israel for defending itself against that same terrorist organization. But the barbarous slaughter of thousands upon thousands of Christians is met with relative indifference.

I thought this was a pretty interesting read.


Bravo to Ronald Lauder for speaking so plainly. Christians are not expendable at the hands of murderers and this tragedy should not be ignored. Unfortunately, I also agree with Mr. Lauder that the airstrikes in Iraq ordered by Pres. Obama are not the whole solution to the problem.


I agree. I see no way out of this. We made this mess and it a real mess. I don’t see any resolution.


I agree that Obama’s “reach out and touch ISIS” strategy won’t do much. Unfortunately, the U.S. once held the center but gave it away to ISIS and Iran to fight over.

But one remembers the Hosana Tabor case, the HHS mandate and forcing Catholic charities to refer for abortions, hire homosexual and transgender people or close up shop, and one can ask oneself: “If this administration has so little regard for Christians here in America, what on earth would make one think it cares about them thousands of miles away.”


No, there is a resolution. But it won’t happen because there is no leadership or courage in this administration. Nor any humility that would lead it to admit its policies have been strikingly wrong.


Words from the courageous and honest David Horowitz:

Take one aspect of this epic default: Obama’s lack of response to the slaughter of Christians in Palestine, Egypt and Iraq. Hundreds of thousands of Christians have been slaughtered and driven from their homes in Iraq – over half a million by some counts. This is the oldest Christian community in the world dating back to the time of Christ. What was Obama’s response to this atrocity until a group of Yazvidi along with the Christians were trapped on a mountain side, and politics dictated he had to make some gesture. His response was to do and say nothing. Silence. Even his statement announcing minimal action to save the Yazvidi and the Christians mentioned the Christians once in passing while devoting a paragraph to the obscure Yazvidi.


I believe that Jews are genuinely and justifiably afraid for their survival in Israel. A key factor to their survival is support from the West - an important part of that is Christians because of the common religious roots that bind us. They are speaking up for persecuted Christians because the same thing is happening to them. I think it’s reasonable to take it as a gesture of good will. We do need to defend each other. This is not really on point, but I find the secular Jewish silence on Islam aggression (Hamas and ISIS) very interesting. The awkwardness is palpable - kind of sad. The Jews loved the Germans too; that didn’t work out so well. I am not sure secularism is turning out to be their best bet.


Kudos for Mr. Ronald Lauder.

Now where is Nobel Peace Prize Winner Mr. Elie Wiesel and his message to mankind?

More important people need to speak out against the Christian genocide in the Middle East.

The U.S. President and the U.S. Secretary of State need to speak out against it.


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