Who will win American Idol??


Who do you think will win?


:yawn: :sleep:


WA, is that really necessary? Just because YOU may not appreicate American Idol doesn’t mean others can’t. In the big picture - or even in the small picture, you are right - it doesn’t matter in the least - but sometimes a silly distraction is okay - and even FUN.


Come on now, let the rest of us who just don’t take life so seriously, have a little fun!!

I think Jordan will win - she is extremely talented, young and pretty, and is more marketable (I think) than the other two.



I agree with you, although I personally like Melinda the best.


I like them all but I think it will be between Melinda and Jordin:)


I do too actually - she is just one of the sweetest and most humble people I’ve ever seen on a television screen. I’m sure someone will pick her up. But as for winning this contest/show, I think people vote for what they would like to see on the shelf at the store, and I think (sadly) that Melinda is too sweet for that. :frowning:



I too think it will be Jordin even though she is not the best vocalist. She better fits the American Idol image than either Blake or Melinda.

I really feel sorry for Melinda in this because though she is a fantastic vocalist, she isn’t young enough or pretty enough (according to our culture’s warped sense of beauty). Just this morning our local Fox news station had a discussion in which a local disc jockey called her “Princess Fiona” likening Melinda to the Shrek character. How insensitive was that?

IOW, accordingly, the only people who really deserve to succeed in our society are tall, blonde, leggy girls with perfect oval faces and even features. Sad. I thought we’d progressed beyond that mind set, but I guess not.


I really like Blake. I didn’t at first but he’s grown on me. I think Jordin & Melinda are FABULOUS singers (esp. Melinda) but I think Blake is more interesting. He reminds me so much of a young Sting. I like his bee-bop noises he adds to songs.

I really hope he’s in the final two… but I’m not certain he will be.


Jordin!!! :thumbsup:


I think it should be Melinda, but if Jordin pulls out all the stops, AND picks the right songs, she has a great stage presence.

Melinda really made herself the one to beat last night though in my opinion as she not only had great song choices, but she showed a performance side that had been a little stiff and forced before last night.


I like all three of them.

I think Jordin will win because of a backlash against age–the last AI was 29 year-old Taylor Hicks (whom I really like and I’ve bought his CD and I actually listen to it!).

A lot of people I work with were mad that Taylor won. They think the AI should be a young person.

So I think that a lot of people will vote for Jordin to make sure a young person wins.

I think that Melinda will sell more albums than all of the idols combined except for Kelly Clarkson, and I think Melinda will win a Grammy this year. What a voice! I look forward to buying her CD because I love her voice. Some of her ballads about love have resulted in very pleasant times with my husband when the show was over!–:thumbsup:

My 21 year-old daughter likes Blake because he’s different. There are so many talented African-American singers, especially on American Idol, but Blake is different. He’s a longshot, but if a lot of young women share my daughter’s views AND if they vote, he could squeak through and win. I have to admit, he’s different and part of me wants him to win for this reason. I’ve seen many, many young women of color who are beautiful singers and people, even here in my home city. But I’ve never seen anyone do things like Blake.


BTW, thanks for posting this. It’s really fun!

And may I add my request?

If you are one of the many Christians who think American Idol is a waste of time, please take it to another thread. I personally think that gardening is a waste of time, but I don’t criticize people for doing it. When you think about it, a lot of human pursuits are a waste of time, but God made us human, not divine, and hopefully, in our humanness, we can still praise and glorify Him.

Thanks so much!


Thank you for posting this (although I do like gardening. :stuck_out_tongue: ).

As for my opinion, I think this year is a real hard one, Melinda is differently the best. Jordan Is also very good, but young still and has a lot to learn (in a way her youngness(is that a word :blush:) is why I don’t want her to win, I hate to see youth in hollywood, they eat them up out there). But Blake is so unique that I really want him to win. He has shown that he has something new to add to the world in his array of talents. (and he is cute :thumbsup: )


If Blake was in the bottom two last week, when there were three girls to split the votes, I can’t imagine he has enough votes to last this week, especially when both of the girls outsang him.

That being said though, I think he’ll do very well in his market niche, though it isn’t one that appeals to me.


Melinda! I think Jordan is beautiful and has a great voice and stage presence, but like the poster above said, I think she is way tooo young to be thrust into the entertainment limelight.

Guess I’m just an old fogie, but I just don’t get the “beat-box” thing. Ruins a good song for me. :eek:


Melinda. Just because I think when it comes down to the wire America just might pick the best singer.

Jordin has a wonderful voice and presence but is not as consistent.

I like Blake (I REALLY liked his song You Give Love a Bad Name) but out of his niche I don’t think he is consistent.

I didn’t vote last night because I would be happy with any of them winning.

Just as an aside, I think Fantasia’s Porgy and Bess was the best I have ever seen on American Idol.


Well, I wanted Melinda to win but unfortunately she has gone home tonight…I was in shock, as was everyone else but I am pretty sure she will have an album out soon because she is just an amazing singer. Most of the more successful singers from AI haven’t been winners anyways (Clay Aiken, Jennifer Hudson, Bo Bice, Chris Daughtry, Katherine McPhee, etc). Now, I am rooting for Jordin to win it all because she is just so awesome. Blake is cool and interesting, but I don’t think he is as good as Melinda or Jordin. This season has been kinda weird in my opinion with the whole Sanjaya thing so I guess nothing really surprises me anymore. I guess we will have to wait and see.


Too shocked to say much of anything right now. :frowning:


just heard melinda is gone!

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