Who won the first Ted Cruz-Donald Trump duel?


The first real skirmish between the two current GOP front-runners ended in a draw, with Ted Cruz steamrolling Donald Trump on the birther issue and the billionaire flooring the senator with his lights-out defense of “New York values.”
That’s according to members of The POLITICO Caucus – an influential group of political strategists, operatives and activists in the four states that will kick off the presidential nominating process next month: Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada.

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A more general question: Who do you think won the debate?


gilliam you might have to fix the poll, Cruz isn’t on the list. I thought Trump and Cruz did well and Rubio was good also. I just think it was a better debate in general.


I’m still too scared to answer. The threat from electromagnetic pulses and the government coming to round up our guns kept me up all night shaking in fear.


For all of his inexperience in politics, we’re occasionally reminded that Trump, the GOP frontrunner, can show excellent political instincts. He buried Ted Cruz on “New York values” by using 9/11 as a cudgel; he turned Nikki Haley’s “anger” rhetoric into a positive; and Trump benefited when his most competitive rivals started tearing each other apart. IMHO it was his best debate so far.


I thought Cruz won last night’s debate, though Rubio and Trump were close. Don’t think Trump lost any momentum though.


I agree. I’m still waiting for (what I thought would be) Trump’s eventual implosion!


Let me add the disclaimer that I am not a voter…I quit voting when the general electorate turned the once noble institution of American politics into something on the line of a three ring circus or the professional wrestling circuit. …I don’t lay the blame on the politicians because they seem to be just giving a large portion of the public what they want, and I simply choose to be a part of the whole mess.

Now that that is out of the way, who won, Cruz or Trump?

I would say Trump, on two counts…not by what he said, but rather by what Cruz said…so Cruz lost, but Trump didn’t beat him, Cruz beat himself.

His comments about NY were I’ll advised, I’ll conceived, and unfortunate.

And, he spend far too much time critiquing Obama instead of Clinton, leading me to believe he thinks he is running against Obama…but in fairness this is common to other GOP candidates.


Same here. :stuck_out_tongue: I am amazed it hasn’t happened yet. Could Trump actually win the nomination? I used to think it was impossible. But the longer he stays at the top of the polls, the less sure I am that it won’t happen. The true test will come once the primaries start, of course.


The debate was, truly, two hours and fifteen minutes of wall-to-wall garbage. And that is not the reflexive commentary of someone who just isn’t listening. There was a time, long ago though it may have been, when I could listen to Republican candidates and occasionally think, “That proposal sounds reasonable.” And then I would go and research the details of that proposal and find that, in fact, it only sounded reasonable, but would not be practical or decent in its implementation.

Even that doesn’t happen anymore. There was not a single policy - and the debate was short on policy - that even approached the realm of the reasonable.

The parties do indeed operate in different universes. And I want no part of the universe described and inhabited by the Republican candidates on that stage last night.


Cruz won by split decision. He was winning handily until Trump knocked him down with a devastating turn around (NY 9/11) in the sixth round. (How Cruz walked into that punch defies logic. It was an obvious rebottle that he should have seen coming like the rest of America tuned in did.)

I think everyone on the stage continued to improve, but Ben Carson’s ship has sailed.

It is a shame that Santorum, Huckabee, and Fiorina are not on the main stage. At this stage, I would rather hear what they have to say than Jeb Bush or Ben Carson.

If you are a political junkie, the Republican Debates have been the Gold Standard. They are Must See TV.


I hope everyone’s ready for Candidate Trump, because I don’t see anyone else on that stage knocking him off his perch.


I didn’t get to watch it, but I would imagine Cruz won. But I’m biased since I plan on voting for him if he gets the nomination :stuck_out_tongue:


Cruz is so Canadian he stinks of back bacon and stale Moosehead. He might as well use a Rush track as his campaign song.


I am in a quandary now. I had not decided how to vote in the primary here last night and I still don’t know. By experience and performance Kasich should be doing better than he is. But that does not seem to matter with voters. Seems the electorate goes for flash and he certainly does not have that. I thought Cruz did well and proved that he is a good debater. His mistake was his comment, as others have said, about New Yorkers. I think I know what he meant but it came across as quite caustic. Trump handled it well. And he (Trump) seems to do well in the debates. He should stay off of social media or get someone else to post for him as he comes across as bombastic and childish in his posts.

Sadly I think Dr. Carson is toast, but I do hope the new president gives him some position in line with his training and experiences. He is a very good person and would do much to elevate any position in which he is placed.

Christie had some good points as did Bush, who seemed much more comfortable last night than before.

Still undecided.


If Cruz had said “Bloomberg values” or “deBlasio values” he would have made his point more effectively, and without opening the door wide enough to drive a truck through.

None of Bush/Christie/Kasich/Rubio will get any traction as long as all four of them are in the race (which is fine by me).


Are you actually implying that Canadians stink? Dear sir, I don’t know what age you are, but please try to elevate your discourse a little - if you’re not twelve, you certainly sound like you are.


I don’t take any lessons on maturity from anyone with a Jackie Chan avatar.


You have demonstrated that you have not taken any lessons on maturity or civility, period.


Yeah yeah, but how does Rubio get a path to the GOP nomination? I don’t see how the mainstream GOP can push an establishment candidate to the convention without sending Trump into a third party run, thus splintering the vote.


I doubt that Trump would run 3rd party because he knows he would lose that race and Trump doesn’t like losing.

If Rubio comes in 2nd or 3rd in NH he has a shot at the gold.

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