Who would need a Spiritual Director?


Mercy unto you, and peace, and charity be fulfilled. Jude 1:2 Douay Rheims

Who would you consider as someone in need of a Spiritual Director? What kinds of individuals? Would it be everyone(and that would be ideal)-or do you think it is only for certain people(i.e people who think they have certain vocations).

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I think anyone. Spiritual direction helps us to grow in holiness, and we are each called to holiness.


I don’t know about other dioceses, but in the Archdiocese of Santa Fe, men discerning a call to the priesthood or permanent diaconate are required to have a spiritual director to help them see if it is God’s will that they become ordained or if it is their own will. Others can obviously be helped with spiritual direction, but it is imperative that people trying to discern a call to make use of spiritual direction to help them discern.

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