Who would win if Pope Benedict XVI and James White debated?


Who would win if Pope Benedict XVI debated with James White?


Define “win”. What is the criteria for “winning”?


Dude…you really need a hobby. :smiley:


why do we need to compare the Pope to James White in debating?


I don’t even know who James White is, so there ya go. :rolleyes:


James White is a great debater, he can talk smoothly and present a case even when he doesn’t have one.

I am sure in truth Pope Benedict would win, but James White would look better as he is smooth and well spoken. The Pope doesn’t present that well and would probably not look as good so he would be ignored.

But that is the way these days anyways, the world doesn’t care about truth, just presentation. They would say who cares if it is wrong, if it feels good or looks good.

This is a pretty silly poll though. It is like asking who would win James White or Saint Paul? I am sure James White would win because he would make Saint Paul look bad, heck Saint Paul doesn’t even have a degree, nor would he have done the scholarship in Greek, as it wouldn’t even have existed in Saint Paul’s day.

In Christ


Benedict wouldn’t waste his time.


Pope Benedict has forgotten more than James White will ever know about theology and scripture… but the OP’s are probably right… B16 has a propensity for being truthful to the point of offending others so he would probably be ignored… gotta love the man!!!


if it was ex cathedra debate, guess who would win :slight_smile:


true. Since we’ve already determined that any place a set of beliefs contradicts universal (catholic) christian truth is incorrect, then debate is pointless…


Thanks to all who participated in this discussion.
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