Who would you rather meet? Pope John Paul II, Mother Theresa, of St. Therese?


Just curious :slight_smile:

Personally I would rather meet Pope John Paul II. Such a great man.



We have so much in the way of books and other visual media to tell us about JPII and Mother Teresa. I would really like to meet St. Therese. One of the problems I’ve had with reading Story of A Soul is that allegedly her sister Pauline made so many corrections and edits, and it really did skew the picture we have of Therese. I understand the original mauscripts show a lively character, not the saccharine figure that seems to appear in Story of A Soul. Just my opinion…


Such a toughie, can I say all of the above??? Cause I do hope to one day in the future:p

But, if I had to choose, I think I’d pick John Paul the great, no wait, St. Therese, nope, Blessed Mother Teresa, no wait…um…:smiley:

(sesame, I don’t think that is accurate, what you said. I also have a copy of Story of a Soul and it explains it more in detail in the front of the book before you get to St. Therese’s words, if you’d read that.)


I agree with meeting St. Therese. Modern technological communication was available for the other two, but other than b&w still pictures, that is not true for St. Therese and I’d like to see what she is really like.


You can get a more “up to date” translation of the Story of A Soul, that includes that parts left out in earlier. You can get it from ICS Publications in Wash. DC.


:thumbsup: Thanks!


I have questions for all three of them – and look forward to meeting them in heaven.

However, if by some miracle God would have one of them appear to me while I’m still here on earth, I think I’d like to talk with Pope John Paul II.

I have loved hearing stories about how Blessed Mother Therese would chastize Pope John Paul II though. She apparently had enough respect for him to be her authentic self with him. :smiley:


Since all of them have now gone to the Lord… it is my sincere hope… one day, to meet all of them.

Sorry… I couldn’t narrow it down!


I would have to go with Pope John Paul II. Maybe it is because of all the modern technology. The more I have seen him and heard him, the more I want to even know more.:slight_smile:


St Therese :slight_smile:

although I’d love to meet all three!


I gotta tell you, since I believe all three are in Heaven, I’m not in a rush. :smiley: Apparently God still wants me here for some strange reason.


I voted for Mother Theresa. She is an awe inspiring woman and I would love to be able to meet her some day. Of course, if I make it to Heaven, I will meet her. :slight_smile:


I’d like to meet St. Therese. I’ll admit when I was a kid at Catholic schools, I didn’t care for her since she was presented in such an icky sweet way. I’ve since learned that she was practical and tough minded - a sensible woman who was not the airy-fairy sylph that was introduced to me.


Oh boy, that’s a tough one.

I guess I’d have to say St. Therese. While it’d be so cool to meet JP II or Mother Theresa, I think I would be waay out of my league. What on earth would I say?! :eek:

But I read St. Therese’s diary, and she was so young and simple that I can relate to her personally, I almost feel like I know her as a friend. Plus, I had many prayers answered after doing a few novena’s to her, plus a nice bouquet of roses so I have a lot to say to her. :wink:


I managed to get hold of a book entitled ‘The Collected Letters of St Therese of Liseux’ (Sorry if I have spelt that wrong :frowning: ) and I felt that I got more out of reading her letters than I did reading ‘The Story of a Soul’.


“Come Be My Light” - If you had ever met Mother Theresa . . . It would leave you with the desire to meet her again.
“Jesus wants me to tell you again … how much is the love He has for each of you–beyond all what you can imagine. . . . Not only He loves you, even more–He longs for you. He missses you when you don’t come close. He thirsts for you. He loves you always, even when you don’t feel worthy . . .” ---- Mother Teresa; Come Be My Light " p42.


I’ve always regretted not being able to see him when he was in St. Louis, so I have to say JPII. Mother Therese would intimidate me way too much, but JPII was so personable I don’t think it would intimidate me. St. Theresa, I don’t know that much about, so…


Of the three, I’d probably be most drawn to St. Therese, though Mother Teresa might be a close second.

I hope to not meet any of them in the very near future though… :blush:


Yes, it’s a tough decision to make…

I saw JP II three times as Pope, once as a Cardinal. I never got the chance to speak to him or touch his hand, though.

Never saw Mother Teresa…regret that. She spoke at a Marian shrine in a neighboring state once, but I WAS WORKING and I couldn’t get time off to go on the trip…Rats…

Now St. Therese? I would feel VERY MUCH at ease with her! I’ve known about her since I was a kid (when I snuck peeks into my mother’s ‘Little Flower’ prayerbook). I’ve been to Lisieux (1991), and I’ve read tons of books about her, both ‘old’ and ‘new’. Since I’ve gotten to know more about the ‘real’ Therese, I would have loved to have met her!

Either way, I hope to see all three of them in heaven!

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