Whole Family Baptism/First Eucharist

On Pentecost Sunday our family will be receiving the sacraments. Here is a breakdown of this:

Dad, Mom, 12-yo girl, 10-yo girl - First Eucharist

8-yo boy - Baptism and First Eucharist

4-yo boy, 2-yo boy, baby boy - Baptism

We are coming into the Church together and we are really excited about it! The RCIA team at our parish and our parish priest have really worked along side us to help us get ready for this. Being a mother (and hopelessly feminine) I keep wondering, “What should we wear?” :stuck_out_tongue: I keep hearing a lot of “There’s no hard and fast rule.” Well, no, there’s not, but there are things that would be considered acceptable, and not so acceptable. My husband will wear a suit, I will wear a dress. But what would YOU do about the kids? The girls are too old for the traditional First Communion froo-froo (and to be honest I’m not too crazy about that anyway). What about a nice dress and mantilla-type chapel veil? Too much? Too little?

As for the boys… Suits? What color? Do they need to wear something white?

Any input would be HUGELY appreciated!

Any “Sunday best” would be fine.

Modest dresses for the girls. Mantillas would be fine, but not necessary.

Suits would be great for the boys if you have them, but it’s not necessary to go out and buy suits if this is the only time you would use them (they outgrow clothes so fast!). Shirt and tie (if they will wear a tie) would certainly be festive enough.


Will you be confirmed that day, too?

No, we will be waiting until the Feast of Christ the King so we can do it at the Cathedral with the Archbishop. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your input.

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