Whole family joined during Easter Vigil!

Just wanted to share that my wife and I joined the Church during the Easter Vigil. We were confirmed and received our first Holy Communion. Best of all our 1 yr old son was Baptised this nite with us. So my whole little family is now Catholic! Yeah! Just wanted to share with you guys my joy.

God bless,

Congratulations!!! Welcome Home!!!


I raise my glass of water (Perrier) and say congratulations my friend! Welcome home!

Wonderful news!! :extrahappy:


Congrats! We did the same!!(All 5 of us :D)

Welcome home to both families!:extrahappy:

Brenda V.

Congratulations, Jesse and family. Sounds like it was a beautiful experience. Welcome to the Church.:slight_smile:

Congratulations! My husband and I also joined during the Easter vigil. We will be having our three year old son baptised after his baby brother arrives in a few weeks. Joining the church was one of the best decisions we ever made.

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