Whom do I contact at my diocese for a spiritual director?

I emailed my parish around a week ago asking for a spiritual director and haven’t received a reply yet, I’m considering contacting my diocese. If do decide to contact my diocese, whom exactly should I email at my diocese?

Saying that you emailed your parish is very vague. Have you talked with your pastor? He’s usually a good starting point, even if he is not available or qualified himself. He’ll be able to talk with you about what you’re looking for in direction and perhaps give you some leads. Some dioceses maintain lists of qualified directors. Check the website. You might also inquire at any convents, monasteries, or retreat houses in your area to see if they have suggestions.

I rang my diocese some years ago and asked how I would locate a SD - they advised that they had a section called “The Spirituality Office”, which struck me as quite imposing. They did send me out a list of spiritual directors in the diocese with contact details.

Okay, I’ll keep this in mind next time I go to mass. Unfortunately, my diocesan website does not have anything on spiritual direction, that’s why I made this thread in the first place. Apart from one or two very far flung convents/monasteries, I don’t think there is anything of the sort near by.

Don’t just grab your pastor after Mass and expect much of a conversation. Why not make an appointment so you’ll have some time to talk.

And I understand about monasteries, retreat houses, and so on being at a distance. Sometimes you have to be willing to travel a bit to see a director. Other times you may find someone right in your backyard.

First step is confession! There should be a fixed schedule at the parish. The priest will give some guidance during confession pertaining to your specific difficulties. Most people don’t have a spiritual director, first they have a confessor who begins to know them to a certain extend, and thus increasingly provides more specific guidance.

When I needed help, I made an appointment to talk to my pastor at the time, to ask him for a referral. He ended up being my Spiritual Director for awhile.

Another time that I needed help, I was referred to a nun who was a Spiritual Director. I found out about her by a word-of-mouth referral.

I agree with Suscipe’s post.

I would start out by making an appointment to talk with your pastor, and ask him for a referral, and go from there. :slightly_smiling_face:


I always called my main confessors my spiritual directors because that’s really what they were priest that I consistently confessed my sins to and got advice from.

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