Whom was Mary's twin and how many children did he or she have?


whom was Mary’s twin and how many children did he or she have?


:confused: Mary’s twin? I’ve never heard that she had a twin. Is someone somewhere making that claim?


Mary does have a sister, probably a sister in law, because it is unlikely for one family to have two “Mary’s”. She is Mary the wife of Alphaeus (Clopas) who has children James (who became an Apostle), Joses, Simon, Jude, and apparently sisters as well. She was a very busy woman. :wink:


I’ve heard that before, but never heard that Mary had a twin. I’m curious as to who is putting that forward.


I’ve never heard that before. So, if she had a twin, does that mean the twin was also born without original sin?


I wouldn’t give it too much thought, as it doesn’t seem very likely that she wasa twin. Even if she were, I don’t see why God couldn’t have protected one of them from Original Sin and not the other. :shrug:


I’m so not worrying about that. I mean, could you imagine how badly her twin would have felt knowing Mary, her sister, was chosen to be the Mother of God instead of her. Talk about a blow to one’s ego and self-worth.

Surely there was no twin.

While I don’t believe she had other children-- if someday historical and indisputable evidence came about to prove she did-- that’s different. However, after all these years, there has never been anything proving she did.


Can you imagine the tension at family gatherings? :smiley:

Brings whole new meaning to the phrase “evil twin”. Who wouldn’t be “evil” compared to someone who is conceived without sin! :stuck_out_tongue:


Kinda my thoughts on Jesus having siblings - He was God incarnate as well as sinless! Can you imagine? ‘Jesus never gets a C in math’, ‘Jesus never leaves His room messy’, 'Jesus always says ‘please’ and ‘thankyou’ '. It’d drive any kid insane!


I got the possible idea from this reading,

“The history of Rechabites / Apocalypse of Zosimus depicts a miraculous community in which parents have intercouse once, conceive two children of which one will continue the family line and the other will remain virgin, and then forget the pleasure of the experience (11:6-9).” ( Dictionary of Judism in the Biblical Period, page 116 )

So, I was wondering about this possiblity. Some scholars say that this passage is an chrisitan addition to the text, others say it is a genuine Jewish text. I don’t know which is true yet.



So what does that text have to do with the BVM?





The most direct answer as to who is Mary’s twin is that she is a figment of someone’s fevered imagination or lunatic raving.


LOL :smiley: :dancing:


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