Whooping Cough Back With A Vengence in California




That’s very sad. When my sister in law had her 1st child she woluldn’t let anyone hold her until they got vaccinated for this.


It seems the things we vaccinate for are making a comeback.


People entering America are no longer being screened, for health or criminality. :frowning:


I think the problem is that people aren’t getting vaccinated for things that they should be vaccinated for. In this case it’s ignorance but in others it’s conspiracy theories.


We have a lot of whooping cough up in northern Michigan, too. The local schools have been posting on Facebook and in the newspaper about the different schools where students have been sent home for it.


It’s not just illegals or immigrants. There are a lot of people who don’t vaccinate their children anymore. Jenny McCarthy is a very big advocate for anti-vaccination.


Unlike the effectiveness of the Polio and MMR vaccines the Whooping Cough vaccines has a waning immunity.


Absolutely. IMO, Jenny is a fool. :frowning:




Or just being a good person, many vaccinations have aborted fetus cells in them. And sense when has this very moral and Christian/Catholic site been about passing judgment on other people?


I’m sure what they meant to say was that Jenny’s decision against vaccinating is foolish ;). Her beef is about unproven claims regarding autism, but people listen to her and it puts us all at risk. Pretty foolish, if you ask me.


Bingo. :thumbsup:


It’s a matter of degree.

One of the vaccines is based on two aborted fetuses from the 1960’s with no new lines. This is accepted, as no new harm is being done.

Any new vaccine lines from aborted fetuses are not.

I wish I could find the official Vatican doc.


In the absence of an alternative, a Catholic is allowed to use such vaccines.


I was searching to double check and found this. Not from the vatican site but I think it’s authentic:



I’d be more concerned about the parents who don’t believe they do not need to vaccinate their children. The increasing number of unvaccinated children offers a wider avenue for disease and illness to enter the general population and wreak more havoc.



I think that’s part of it. There is also a lot more global travel to areas that don’t vaccinate. Little kids bring the diseases back with them.

Another thing is that out dated ideas persist about vaccinations. It still isn’t common practice for adults to get boosters. Studies are finding that vaccinations are not a “one and done” thing. Boosters every so many years are needed to keep immunity to those diseases.


Yes.I had to get both a tetnus and diphtheria booster shot since I care for my grandson a couple times a week.
Another issue is the rise in shingles cases.Even younger adults are contracting shingles.The thought is ,because kids are now vaccinated against chicken pox,parents,grandparents,aren’t being exposed to the disease,which would act as a booster against it.


I was vaccinated for Whooping Cough and I still contracted it as a child. I agree that there is an anti-vaccine movement probably having some impact but there is also the fact that vaccination never guarantees effective immunization for all patients. This is especially true since new strains detected in the U.S. and Europe in 2011 had mutations which make them resistant to current vaccines. This isn’t abnormal. If you’ve ever wondered why doctors recommend getting a flu shot every year its at least partially because the medical community hast to develop new vaccines to keep up with the rate of mutation of the flu virus.

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