Who's everybody's favorite saint?


What is everybody’s favorite saint? As you can tell by my profile picture, mine is Saint Kateri Tekakwitha. She is known as the “Lilly of the Mohawks” and she is from the Iroquois Mohawk Nation. I adore her for two reasons, her devotion to Jesus and Mary is very inspiring and that she’s the patron saint for Native Americans (especially the Iroquois people). A fun fact about myself, I currently live on the Oneida Reservation and the Oneida Tribe is a part of the Iroquois confederacy as well as the Mohawk nation that she was a part of.

Enough said on that, share which saint is your favorite and why.


St. Francis Xavier is my confirmation saint. His life was really exciting, and his love for others and his ability to work with very different groups is really inspiring. Since I was in India when I decided to become Catholic, and since he was the Missionary to India, I like to think he was personally involved in my decision to become Catholic.

Some other favorites include St. Francis de Sales (I’m a former Calvinist), St. Alphonsus Liguori (love what I’ve read so far of his prayers and writings), and St. Teresa of Calcutta. St. Teresa is probably the one I have the most “physical” connection to, in that I visited a Missionaries of Charity campus while in India and got to see the affects of her work first hand. I wasn’t Catholic at the time, though I had already made the decision to become Catholic.


Besides Saint Mary and Saint Joseph? Well, Saint Therese of Lisieux of course! She has chosen to be close to me and to intercede for me in a special and unique way. I feel attached to her heart in a way I cannot explain. I love her so much!


I should have included that but yes.


Saint Pope John Paul II

Ven. Fulton Sheen.
Not a saint yet, but it’ll happen.


It was St.Therese Lisieux, whom I took from my mom who passed away. St. Therese was my mom’s Patron Saint but now my favorite Saint is St. Dymphna and, of course Our Lady.


Maximilian Kolbe (IE my avatar)
Blessed Jerzy Populesko

(if you can’t tell, this Irishman has a thing for Poles haha)


St. Francis Xavier :slight_smile:


I can’t pick just one. The last time this question was asked, I had a list of at least 10 of them including a few beati, venerabili and Servants of God.


I’m with you there, but I chose the Blessed Mother’s name for my saint name (in Hebrew).


I always find myself drawn to St Dominic. He gave all his life and energy into spreading the Truth and defeating heresy for the glory of God. He also loved the poor, the Blessed Sacrament, and Our Lady.


St. Jude, without a doubt. He has been there interceding for me during the roughest times in my life. :green_heart::green_heart::green_heart:


Oh, YES! St.Jude! I forgot to mention him. My friend/neighbor’s father gave me a St.Jude keychain several years ago. Their entire family loves St.Jude and has experienced his intercession.
Since the time her father gave me the keychain I have also loved St. Jude and have his medal on my necklace (along with a Crucifix, St. Dymphna Medal and a Miraculous Medal.) and a St. Jude Medal and Miraculous Medal on my new Auto Rosary I bought from Rugged Rosaries.


St. Lawrence, St. Michael the Archangel and St. Pio of Pietrelcina.


St Joseph,St Teresa de Avila,St.Mother Teresa.


I have two favorite saints. My Confirmation name is Theresa after St Theresa of Lisieux. Her picture hung above my bed until I got married. That was over 50 yrs ago but it wasn’t until 3 yrs ago that I read her autobiography “Story of a Soul”. Reading about her life and her love for Jesus drew me closer to Jesus than I had ever been before.
Shortly after reading St Theresa’s book, I somehow stumbled on St Faustina’s book “Divine Mercy in My Soul”. From that day on I pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet. Today, because of St Theresa and St Faustina I ask for nothing but God’s will. I know Jesus directed me to those two books and I am so very grateful because I am no longer “lukewarm” in my faith.


St Therese of Lisieux - her little way is something that I can approach a day at a time. I find lessons in humility and acceptance in her experiences too.


Favorites for me St Teresa of Avila, St Paul, St Pio, St Paul of the Cross, St Benedict, St Dominic, St Francis de Sales and St Mungo are some


St Gemma Galgani and John Paul II I love their powerful battles against the evil one and for the work John Paul did in Uniting people from different walks of life. St Gemma St. John paul pray for us! X


St. Olga of Kiev, who brought me to my faith and is also my baptism saint :slight_smile:

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