Who's Father Mike on TBN?

I’m watching TBN right now (well, not watching, just flipping through) and on right now–at 10:45 a.m. Central Time–is a Father Mike and “The Word in the World” by Wordnet Productions.

He’s speaking about broad platitudes of intimacy, obedience, detachment, solitude and such, but absolutely nothing about the Catholic faith, sacraments, Holy Eucharist or anything. In fact, he was just talking about “a lady named Teresa who lived in Avila” and didn’t bother by naming her a saint.

Seems very watered down, and I’m not sure what to make of it, especially with the fact that it’s on TBN (which, a few hours ago, had the sweaty hucksterism of Benny Hinn milking some huge stadium of people in Ukraine). Is this TBN’s idea of “ecumenism” or something? Is this a part of the Catholic Church to reach out to non-Catholics?

Any clarification would be very appreciated. . . ?

Did you look at their website?



He’s Father Michael Manning of the SVD (society of the Divine Word) priests.
He’s been around on TBN a long time. Also, EWTN carried his show too, way back in the early 1990s.

I like him personally, but I have strong reservations about him theologically.
That is, I don’t know where he stands.
I do know that several months ago, his honored guest on the show was
none other than the obnoxious heretic Rosemary Radford Reuther, and on the
show she was just as smart-alecky and smarmy as she could be.
Rather than contradict her, Father Mike was very deferential, even sweetly
recommending her pagan books like “GAIA AND GOD” and another dissident book
which I don’t remember the name of. Shame on him for doing that. She, an open Rebel against the Magisterium and the Holy Father, should never have been on his show in the first place. No orthodox Catholic should EVER give this radical feminist “nun” and “theologian” a public forum from which to spout her rebellious and unorthodox views.
Because of that, I don’t donate to Father Mike’s show when he appeals for funds.
I just cannot contribute in good conscience.

I didn’t know anything about Rosemary Radford Reuther but this came up when I googled her

Ruether describes herself as an “ecofeminist” and refers to God in the feminine as “Gaia” (however, she noted in July 2008 that a critic “accused me of teaching that ‘God is Gaia,’ a view which I do not take”) [4]. Ruether is an advocate of women’s ordination. Since 1985 Ruether has served as a board member for the pro-abortion rights group “Catholics for Choice” (CFC).

In 2005 Ruether explained to an audience at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles her view that “Christianity is riddled by hierarchy and patriarchy”. This creates a social order in which chaste women on their wedding night are “in effect, raped by young husbands whose previous sexual experience came from exploitative relationships with servant women and prostitutes.”[cite this quote]

She is a signatory to the 9/11 Truth Statement[5].

ok, it’s widipedia but it does not look good. BTW, I don’t think shes a nun since it says she’s married and has three kids. And while she is a “theologian” she teaches theology at a Methodist college.

The one and only time I watched Father Manning on TBN, he was advocating for married and women priests in a sneaky way. He did a “man on the street” segment where he stopped people, supposedly coming out of Mass and asked them what the solution to the priest shortage was. Each and every one of them said that the solution was to let priests be married and/or to ordain women. :mad:

He was advocating a married priesthood, eh?
That kind of thing may be why he isn’t on EWTN anymore.
Nice guy, but not solid theologically.


I never saw Father Mike on TBN because TBN wasn’t carried on our cable system till recently. But while scanning channels I caught him on Morris Cerullo. At first I went passed it. If stopping at a channel then going back one could sound like slammed on brakes then this was it. I said to myself “What the hell is a Catholic priest doing on that guy’s show”. There wasn’t a long debate of Protestant and Catholic beliefs. Just a common ground for a love for Jesus. But when Father Mike apologized for the Crusades, the Inquistion, and martyred Protestants I knew this so-called priest’s knowledge of Christian history was heavily influenced by Protestant propaganda.

:rotfl::rotfl::rotfl: As mentioned before no wonder why you don’t see him on EWTN, he got the smackdown!! Mother Angelica will not tolerate such blasphemous people on a network she built in spreading Gods word, legitimately. She is a great tool and instrument for God. And nothing will corrupt that network. Any money received is used as it should be. This Father Mike, well he sounds very shady, perhaps another wolf in sheep’s clothing. Just plain sad really:(

May God Bless you!

Father also gives the video reflection every Monday at the US Bishop’s website, FWIW.


I ran into Fr. Mike Manning at a healing mass just last night.
Never heard of him before, but he appears on TBN currently.
I have been to more than a few healing masses, my circle of Catholic friends include very gifted mystical people.
Several observations:

1)His homily was watered down and seemed specifically directed at a childs comprehension level rather than the avg. age of 50 or more of the people present at the healing mass.

  1. He made the statement that he feels that everyone he touches receives healing…I connect this statement more with he isnt absolutely convinced that he has served to heal anyone.
    Connecting the dots(from the above posts and my exp.) I am guessing/discerning his healing ministry is not one that he is really gifted for, but rather serves as fundraising for his books, pamphlets and TV ministry. Truly I dont know enough to make this statement however.

  2. When he lays hands on people he is rather silent and prayerful rather than gifted and speaking personal revelation to one or more.

  3. Despite rules in place for the Mass which no priest has the right to change to his taste, he asked everyone in the pews
    to come upon the altar behind him for the whole consecration. I was the only one there who didnt. Its not my place. Which adds to the other posts above, which mark this priest as rather ‘liberal or modern’ in a number of areas. Certainly, I’ve been to much worse healing masses
    with innappropriate music,and all kinds of abuses towards the reverance we should have during a Mass that were under a ‘charismatic’ banner. So in that vein this wasnt that bad.

I think personally, I’ll be avoiding any more healing masses held by Fr. Manning.

More on Father Michael Manning , Fr. Michael Manning , Fr Mike Manning


Priest admits he had affair

Wordnet founder, cousin had sexual relationship

SAN BERNARDINO - A Roman Catholic priest with a worldwide television ministry based here has admitted to having a sexual relationship with his cousin, a county schools superintendent on California’s Central Coast.

The Rev. Michael Manning confirmed by phone that he had the relationship with Monterey County Superintendent of Schools Nancy Kotowski, when questioned about copies of correspondence sent to this newspaper that appeared to point to the two breaking off the relationship more than two years ago.

The Catholic Channel airs “Father Mike’s Minutes” which are reflections on Scripture from the Vatican Observatory. It will be interesting to see if his assiciation with the Vatican Observatory and/or with the Catholic Channel will be affected.

I just heard on the CC that Father Mike’s segments will no longer be aired on the Catholic Channel.

What is unfortunate is that this advocate priest has been promoting Catholic dissidents on his show and has been promoted for Catholic/Vatican awards and received them.

In the scope of things, I figure his sins against the Church weigh higher than his personal failings.

That’s too bad to hear. I remember Father Mike, always liked him. I guess if he had to be involved in a scandal, fooling around with an adult woman beats the pedophile spiral we seem to be locked in now for years! It’s all bad though…:frowning:

Is this really surprising?

TBN is ultimately a thoroughly Protestant network. Of course it has a vested interest in promoting “watered-down,” or “in name only” Catholic teaching by a “protestan-leaning Catholic” (ofr better yet, just plain, “heretical priest who is not in good standing with the Vatican and has admitted breaking his vows of celibacy.”
I just wonder------why doesn’t good ole Father Manning get it over with and just join the Protestant side, instead of being an “in name only Catholic.”:confused:

You will NEVER see an Oerthodox Catholic in line with the magisterium of the Church and its beliefs on TBN. Never. Like I said, it’s not in its vested interests. :thumbsup:

Be careful there, rhetoric is not knowledge.
Your putting the cart before the horse.

Fr Manning started on EWTN before he was ever on TBN.
Fr Manning purchases time there at TBN. You could put on your own Catholic flavor of show there too, if you had stable funding. TBN in what it doesnt produce in their Costa Mesa, CA studio, just sells time slots. They are interested in the money and not very ideological.

TBN and the Crouchs are very open minded towards Catholicism and the whole variety under the Christian banner as a ‘Christian Network’. Just study the programming, its not obvious if you dont actually look at the guide and then view some of the programs. You’ll find history programs slanted towards Protestantism, then you’ll find ones obviously produced by Catholics being shown. You will find a fair bit of Catholic produced material there usually in the night hours. They even play movies about Catholic Saints and have shown Catholic produced documentaries on the Shroud of Turin.

“You will NEVER see an Oerthodox Catholic in line with the magisterium of the Church and its beliefs on TBN. Never. Like I said, it’s not in its vested interests.”

They even show old Bishop Sheen programs. Mother Angelica got started on PTL which then was a joint venture with the Bakers and the Crouchs.

The Crouchs are fair minded but they lack discernment in action, but I guess the bills have to be paid…so thats why Hinn, Creflo Dollar and all the health & wealth $$ preachers are on there, they can pay. There are plenty of Protestants who abhor TBN because of these false preachers and Catholic programming and refuse to watch it at all.


In adddition the Crouchs have been generous to Catholics and have some on staff.
How do I know?, the TBN studio/bookstore is located in Costa Mesa,CA , 1 block away from my catholic church St. John the Baptist. I know of what I talk about,although in a very limited sense, because of the proximity and the interplay between people who actually know the Crouchs.

How is he a CANO? Catholic in Name Only? What about him makes him no longer a Catholic, Ordinary?

Read all the posts that started this thread…seriouosly

Read the post above RB2’s, Gurney.:thumbsup:

Thanks for the post, RB2.

  1. I still think TBN is basically protestant, but 'm glad they are at least willing to be fair-minded protestants. :thumbsup:

  2. I agree with you then that the main problem with the Crouchs is that they suffer from bad discernment----I wish somebody (especially Catholics who do watch TBN occassionally, like me) would email or call TBN headquarters and tell them that if they are going to allow catholic programming on the air, that it should be catholic programming that conforms to the teachings and Magisterium of the CC. If for nothing else, to avoid confusion for non-Catholics who watch folks like Manning and may come think that his views reflect the majority and/or the teachings of the CC. :thumbsup:

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