Who's Father Mike on TBN?

I’m sure if the Crouchs’ were to become ideological and cleanse their station acc. to any smart persons theological wishes they would cease to have a network anymore. I’m sure the realities of a ‘Christian Network’ at this time and place are exactly what TBN is presently now.

I wish that were not so, but I tend to agree with you. One could only dream…
At least a little “disclaimer,” that “this priest does not represent the majority of what Catholics think or even what Holy Mother Church itself has taught for centuries is the truth.”:thumbsup:

I don’t think these channels are going to go through a Catholic litmus test to see who the “real” Catholics are. They probably heard the guy’s message and his preaching style, charisma, and thought he was encouraging and insightful in guiding people’s Christian walk. That is something Catholicism lacks IMO.

Turn on EWTN and apart from Father Corapi (who is now on haitus) all you hear is apologetics and defensive postures…trying to convert people, trying to clear up misconceptions, trying to explain, stuff about natural family planning and abstinence, stuff about abortion and sex, stuff about the pope, etc.

You rarely hear a good solid show trying to analyze the scriptures of the day or any types of show on how to recover from a death or how to work out a bad marriage, how to love our neighbor and learn how to deal with a coworker who hates your guts. There’s little to nothing about how to live our lives, just how to become Catholic, ecclesiology, debunking, defending, catechisms, etc. Father Mike is not a “protestant” but perhaps he talks more about how to live one’s life and that appeals to the channel ownership? Just speculating.

I’m hesitant to do litmus tests and act like a pharisee saying who is and isn’t a “real” Catholic. I’m not perfect myself and some pharisaic Catholic brethren of mine might make the same claim to me…

And some radical traditionalists in here might think a few of the hardest of the hardcore are posers too…:shrug:

I would answer you by saying, Gurney, that yes, indeed, maybe Catholics should talk about more prosaic, down-to-earth things other than the Catechism and basic teachings that it does so well----
But does that mean we should educate people as well on our religion that are unfamiliar with it? After all, since we are in a largely non-catholic channel----and since protestant preachers on TBN have no problems themselves educating people about the beliefs of the various protestant denominations that are featured there-------why can’t we?

By no means am I in the business of defending evangelicalism so don’t take me wrong here…

I think most evangelical/Protestant shows that are on TV rarely, rarely ask anyone to endorse a specific denomination per se. Usually they say things like “if you’ve liked this program and grown spiritually from it feel free to donate to…” or “we hope today’s broadcast has brought you deeper into a spiritual relationship with Christ Jesus” and “it’s important that we get saved and find Christ and attend church…” but rarely is a show an apologetics agenda for the Assembly of God or the Baptist Church or the Anglicans or the Menonites. They’re usually a tad generic. It would be odd for the TBS or TBN or other groups to start getting super denomination specific and into apologetics. I don’t think apologetics is the point of those shows but more life lessons, unpacking the Gospel and getting into Scripture…right? So the argument “they’re doing Protestant apologetics so why can’t we do Catholic ones?” doesn’t really apply?? I could be wrong…

I think there’s nothing wrong with apologetics for Catholicism. Over the past 75 years or so, the Catholic Church has dropped the ball on catechesis. My own catechesis as a kid STUNK…most Catholics don’t know their faith or only have a glimmer of it. So apologetics is a must…

HOWEVER…Must all the shows be apologetics courses? Turn on the “Journey Home” and it’s a “why did you become a Catholic and when did you realize Protestantism was untenable?” show. Life on the Rock is pretty banal and mostly just defense of Catholic doctrine. The Abundant Life just rehashes Catholic doctrines and dogmas and abortion topics, etc. I could go on and on…They need some good preaching, some solid teaching, some coping with life and living the gospel shows as well as apologetics and history. It’s not a well-rounded channel by any means. Abortion is not the only issue out there and I think the channel is redundant. Father Mike who is more of a social gospel preacher wouldn’t fit on a dogmatically-repetitive catechesis channel?

  1. Some people yes, indeed, say that Abortion is “emphasized too much” in EWTN and the Magisterium. You have to remember, though that Abortion IS considered one of the cornerstones of catholic teaching—at least by most Catholics I have personal acquaintance of. Unlike other denominations, the Catholic Church is probably THE supreme defender of the unborn in this country and the world.It is one of the “non-negotiables,” as well. You can’t really understand what it is to be a Catholic unless you understand one of its core teachings—and the “non-negotiables,” ARE core teachings. Many (including maybe you, I don’t know) may consider them unimportant, but they are important (and the plain TRUTH) to truly devout Catholics. Even I, who is in Orthodox but in Communion with Rome, recognize that.

  2. Although a lot of EWTN’s programming is devoted to at least explaining and defending the faith, not ALL of it is like that. There are some beautiful programs in there about the saints (Super Saints comes readily to mind), programs on Church architecture, histories of the Church, movies with Catholic themes, documentaries regarding Catholic life and deeds, documentaries about social issues (poverty, abortion, the overpoulation myth, the death penalty, homelessness), plus even children’s programming and just plain news (the World Over). Perhaps it is an issue of discerning and carefully choosing what you decide to devote your viewing time to?
    Yes, part of EWTN’s mission is to explain and defend the Faith to folks who are Non-Catholic and are coming upon it for the first time------but it is also part of its purpose to provide practicing Catholics with programming that reflects and expands knowledge of their world and their history and ffaith. And also deals with more prosaic, everyday issues that relate to Catholic viewers and their world-view.
    I guess you also may have a problem with the fact that EWTN is Orthodox and accepts everything the CC and its Magistrium teaches-------so what? Maybe you would like other Non-Catholic strains of thoughts, or at least more “liberal” tendencies in the church to be shown. Then I would respectfully suggest that it would then be considered NOT a true Catholic channel. Remember, we are the TRUTH, And some of it is Non-Negotiable. To paraphrase Father Corapi------“you cannot be Catholic and pro-choice.” Same with other Non-negotiables and other issues.
    We are the truth and we are reminding the world of that, given that often they forget it-----or morally relativize it according to some wishy-washy general feeling of “let’s all join hands and so forth.”
    If one wishes to accept the truth of Christ and the rules inherent in its greatest insittution, then by all means accept it-----------but don’t blame EWTN and the CC for saying that if you are going to accept it, you must accept certain things within it.

  3. Finally, I think it safe to say you are worng to say that TBN and other “Protestant” channels only show a “general” type of Protestantism. TBN as far as I know does not show Episcopalianist, Unitarian, Mennonite, Unitarian Universalist, or Adventist programming (or the like) within its schedule. Not even any type of Liberal Protestantism, at least not that I have seen. Same for Watchmen Broadcasting, which is shown here where I am in Augusta, Ga. Its and TBN’s programming basically leans leans conservative, orthodox, and strongly charismatic/evangelical. Tell me of a program in TBN that posits a liberal, “progressive,” pro-choice, pro-gay rights view of things. The most I can think of is the presence of storingly charismatic, evangelical women preachers on TBN.
    In short, I highly doubt it. :shrug::thumbsup:

I have no problem with the majority of what you say here. Where I DO have a problem is where you say that I have a problem with EWTN because it’s orthodox, implying I am not and that I’m some radical liberal. I indeed have a problem with that. I think after being on here for four years reading your posts and you reading mine, I can’t get over the fact that you think I’m some liberal in favor of heterodoxy, Ordinary. That saddens me indeed.

I’m also not happy that you say “maybe you” (me) when it comes to thinking abortion is “unimportant.” Do you seriously think me, of all people in this forum, finds abortion to be “unimportant?” Honestly that pushes buttons. I argue, fight, and debate this issue all the time. I am passionately pro-life and find abortion to be a sickening holocaust. I’ve sad as much ad nauseum in here.

In reading my post, you draw a lot of conclusions and I’m disappointed, Ordinary.

I have NO PROBLEM WHATSOEVER, and I’ve said that, with anti-abortion rhetoric and shows dedicated to it. I have zero problem with apologetics or catechesis. I said that as well. I also made it clear that there is a huge vacuum within Catholicism where people are clueless about the catechism. So obviously we need more of that. BUT, and I made this clear as well, we lack a lot of good preaching, life lessons, pastoral connection-making with audiences and good ole how to live your life preaching and ministry in love. We can’t just focus on the abortion, gay, contraception and catechism issues, we need to inspire, unpack the Gospel across many issues including divorce and marriage, how to forgive, how to recover from a loss, how to help the disenfranchised, how to live our vocation in our jobs, how to be a good friend, how to help the incarcerated, how to recover from losing a job, how to truly forgive and not just blot out, you name it, on and on…we need that. Did I say in needing more we should shed our pro-life agenda or moral core principles? Heck no…:shrug::frowning:

I regret then, truly, that I gave you that impression, Gurney. You’re right, I have been here long enough to know that you are orthodox, conservative, and pro-life.
(As an aside, YOU have been here for four years, not me. I’ve been here for about a year.)

All I can say is last night I was terribly dsitracted, was undergoing one of my typical OCD ritual attacks and was trying to type out a coherent message to you. took me about thirty minutes to organize my thoughts, if it matters. Plus, I have a really, really BAD memory. And on top of that, I was watching the reality series “Four of a Kind” on Lifetime. :frowning:
Sincerely, Gurney----OCD and sleep deprivation do not mix. Particulalry OCD. Do not “try” it.:stuck_out_tongue:

Combined with all of that, I somehow got the impression (in the sense of “maybe, maybe not”) that you somehow disliked EWTN because ot fi not have more liberal programming. I actually was trying to be more hypothetical in my question. I was saying, “if you dislike EWTN and TBN, maybe it is because the programming doesn’t fit your political ideals.” Plus again, my memory of people’s poltical leanings here soemtimes get very sketchy.

To be honest, I still think that EWTN is not as totally “apologetics” as you may think (and as more "life-affirming as you may like it either). But ultimately, that is my personal, subjective POV.

Sincerely, though I’m sorry if I disappointed and I (in my streesed-out moment) thought you were something you were not. I’m glad you do agree with most of my post, though. :thumbsup:

Not a problem, Ordinary. I’m glad you know I don’t feel that way. Politically I lean left as I am a union rep for my school, I’m a teacher, pro-environment, lots of things. HOWEVER, I am pro-life as you can get, opposed to gay marriage, hate divorce, am socially a real conservative and a half, so I’m a complex guy I guess. I don’t easily fit into boxes. Some people who like that gravitate to me quickly and become a friend. They know I’m intellectually honest. Others hate it who want to try to categorize me into a one-party mindset model! :stuck_out_tongue:

I enjoy your posts honestly and just wanted to make sure you know where I stand and that I do care.

God bless, friend, and enjoy the rest of Lent! Blessings to you! :slight_smile:

Well, let’s just take him out and stone him!

You really need to understand the delicacies of mass media (no pun intended).

You have to choose your battles, lest you cross the line and loose the ability to broadcast anything.

It’s kind of like when you are playing pool. If you can’t get the ball in the hole right off, at least try to knock it a little closer, so that in the future it won’t be difficult taking it all the way home…

Please pray for Father Mike


“He was advocating a married priesthood, eh?”

I must say that this in contradistinction to women priests is not a heterodox view…it is just against present custom. It is not dogma but the Western Churches present law in force which I fully support with fraternal charity. That he brought up the question of women’s ordination is out of the question of course but the lifting of the restriction of married priesthood in the West is not a heterodox conversation but one western bishops commonly are in dialogue about. At the same point I don’t really care whether the West were to change whether for or against and am almost more for the west keeping her stringency…the “right” of rites if you will… On the other hand the Byzantine church and many of the Eastern rites have as a norm for centuries kept the tradition of married priesthood and with their own theology (Orthodox and Catholic in communion with Rome and thus the papacy). Now as for married priests in the latin rite, it actually already exists vis a vis the “Pastoral Provision”. I happen to know two wonderful priest personally, one who converted out of Presbyterianism an was a pastor and another who came into the church via the Anglican Ordinariate. These priests receive special permission to receive orders even though they are married and even though they are in the Latin rite. Actually in the Mobile, Alabama, archdiocese there are around 5 or 7 validly and for that matter “licitly” and lawfully ordained married priests who have gained papal approbation. In the case of the Anglican Ordinariate it was a movement promulgated by pope Benedict himself to preserve the valid Anglo flavored Catholicism present before King Henry split from the Church. It is a beautiful mass to attend. It is like going to a Tridentine mass, proceeded by even-song and all done in old Douay-esque English. I love it. Flavors of East and West in one “way” of the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church. Now one more thought and I do not mean to play Devils advocate too much longer so I will repeat “I do not see any legitimate thrust towards a woman priesthood from history or from true orthodox theology.” However I do wonder what the apostolic tradition of “deaconess” was and I would love to see or hear more about what that means and if it could be reestablished I wouldn’t mind since it is a scriptural concept practiced in the Early Catholic Church. In all of this I humbly submit to the authority of the Catholic, Apostolic, Church, Roman whose living Magisterium is the perfect gift of Christ’s grace.


In 1994, Pope John Paul II declared in his letter Ordinatio Sacerdotalis, stating: “Wherefore, in order that all doubt may be removed regarding a matter of great importance…I declare that the Church has no authority whatsoever to confer priestly ordination on women and that this judgment is to be definitively held by all the Church’s faithful.”

RB2 , respectfully, please do not twist my words around. I prefaced the beginning of my paragraph with a mentioning of “married priesthood”. I agree with you. I said married priesthood is custom based…“not” women’s priesthood.

In 1994, Pope John Paul II declared in his letter Ordinatio Sacerdotalis, stating: “Wherefore, in order that all doubt may be removed regarding a matter of great importance…I declare that the Church has no authority whatsoever to confer priestly ordination on women and that this judgment is to be definitively held by all the Church’s faithful.”
^^I agree with this. (This in contradistinction to married priests {means}-the issue of women priesthood is heterodox but the issue of married priests is custom based and not dogma based.) Hope that clarifies things. :thumbsup:

Actually I didnt twist your words, looks like I got confused and gave an erroneous, confused reply. Sorry.

thank you and I will try to be more clear next time. Blessings.

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