Who's Leading This Hymn, Anyway?


I have a problem that I suspect may be fairly common. When I’m leading the songs at Mass, particularly with the entrance hymn, the priest has his microphone on when he processes and he often sings more slowly that I. I find myself trying to acquiesce to him, slowing to his pace, but since he’s not really a musician his rhythm is a little off. It’s quite awkward. It’s as if he’s actually leading the music with me tagging along trying to fit myself in. I accompany myself on guitar but even when I have an additional piano and choir this still happens. What to do?


Have the priest keep his microphone turned off until he’s ready to do the opening blessing. That’s what Fr. Pat at Sacred Heart does.

(Ideally the music would be accompanied by a pipe organ, and everyone would be following the organist.)


You can talk to him about turning off the mike. If you can’t do this, then you have to live with it. Block it out and do the best you can. Doing the difficult job is something we all have to do. I have to read my priest’s mind.


He needs to turn his microphone off. It’s possible he doesn’t even realize it is on. You’re the lead singer. He’s the priest. I’m sure he will completely understand. My priest loves to sing and I love to hear the joy in his voice when he walks down the isle and passes my pew…but his microphone is not on.


Same thing Sister Marie Dorothy did to me in high school because I couldn’t carry a tune: kick him out of glee club. :smiley:


Invite him to choir rehearsal and hold a few sessions on how to listen to each other and blend your voices and stay in tempo and rhythm.


This must be frustrating for you as a musician and performer. He probably does not even realize that this is happening. Just ask him to turn off his mic until he is ready to talk. Then you can sing and play guitar without Interference.


If you decide to talk to him, you might mention that turning of the mike ASAP is a good habit anyway, lest one forget and say something not meant to come out over the sound system.


I second on that – the second that Mass is over I land on the two mikes in front of the choir and turn them off…you just never know what someone may say…:rolleyes:


Thanks for the replies. I woke up this morning knowing I would ask him - and the deacon - if they would please leave the mic off until after they arrived at the altar. I hope this goes well. :slight_smile:


Let us know how it goes! :thumbsup:

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