Who's looking forward to a new season of Dancing with the Stars?

Even though I am personally not physically up to the challenge myself, my spouse enjoy watching Dancing with the Stars. We almost live vicariously…and confidentially occasionally, we roll up the rug and do a few spins ourselves.:slight_smile:

I watched the first of the three episodes this week with the women’s competition. I am always fascinated by the hard work, dedication, the the sheer courage these people have to try something they’ve never really done before.

That being said, Sabrina was fantastic! I think she’s a ringer for a pro dancer! :thumbsup:

It is one of the few shows that I DVR.

I haven’t picked a fav from the girls yet, but I like the race car driver Emilio among the guys. I like Wayne Newton, but I’m afraid he is out of his league in a dance contest.

Has anone else picked favorites yet?

Oh, I just love that show. My daughter and I watch it. She’s 3, and obsessed with sparkles on the dresses. :slight_smile: I also DVR it, but I missed half of the girls b/c it messed up while it was taping. I’ll have to rewatch it online. I liked the car racer in the guys dancing, too.

I got hooked last spring when I was at home with a new baby and looking for something to do. I watch the episodes online, since we don’t get any channels on our tv. :slight_smile:

My husband and I love this show! He came home from a business trip and streamed it in for me.
DH is really rooting for Wayne, not for his dancing but because he considers him an icon, and a smart businessman. I think he feels sorry for him, too, because of his age.
I’ve never heard of Helio before, but I liked his personality, he seemed humble, kinda.

man, last season was greeeeeeeat!!!

It’s just hard to get into it again since I thought last season was one of the best!!!

but it is totally a guilty pleasure of mine to watch! :smiley:

I decided, and Miss Bonnie agrees, that the ladies’ costumes and movements present too much of an occasion of sin for me. So we don’t watch it any more.

I finally started watching it at the end of last year’s season. This year, that hip-hop performer Sabrina is clearly talented… though she added hip-hop moves to the dance routine and so did not show many of the moves for that type of dance, itself.

Other than Wayne Newton and the actress who played Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, and Marie Osmond, I’m not familiar with who any of the other of this year’s contestants even are. Makes it less interesting.

Wayne Newton looks so much like a mannequin tho…I wonder if he got injections in his face? Although I give the guy credit for even getting out there and trying.

Jane Seymour :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: & Marie Osmond :thumbsup: :thumbsup: are terrific! Very differemt ladies, but both really light up the place when they are on the floor.

I’m secretly in love with Cheryl Burke (just kidding) but I believe Wayne will be too much of a challenge for even her. I don’t care for the hip-hop girl, even though she seems to be talented, so I’ll cheer for the race care driver and his partner. I have heard that they are engaged to be married.

My prayers and sympathies go out to Jane’s Seymour and her family at the loss of her mother.

I know that Helio does have a fiance - and it’s not Julianne! :slight_smile:


Anybody still watching?

I think Wayne will go bye bye tomorrow night.
I really like him as an entertainer, but he is outclassed as a dancer. I was really surprised when he didn’t leave last week!

I have to heartily agree with you about Wayne Newton. Yes, my spouse and I are still watching.

Yes, my wife and I both watch. Wayne Newton bit the dust last nite, which was no surprise. I believe the boxer and his partner will be next. Wayne, while being a great entertainer and singer, never really stood a chance. My pick is still the race car driver and his partner.

I think Helio is going to win, too, even though he took some low scores on Mon. It’s a really close race though. This season is really good.

Why don’t the females cover up more. To me this is distasteful.
In my younger days these gals would have been locked up for indecent exposure.

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