Who's looking forward to a new season of Dancing with the Stars?

For the athletic things they do, it amazes me that something doesn’t give with their costumes, what little there is. I think the dance can still be beautiful without the brevity of the costumes.

I agree that the costumes are scandalous. If they would cover a bit more, and stop the really suggestive stuff I might let my kids watch the show.

I understand how dance is meant to be expressive, but I have to agree with the costumes and the suggestive movements of the contestants. 1) They’re not necessary for a good performance and 2) those movements often times seem so forced, unbecoming, and poorly done by the stars.

When your 15-year-old son drools “I like Cheryl” - and he’s not talking about her dancing, it’s time to switch channels. :eek:

I like Cheryl, but at my age (68) I can assure you it’s because of her personality, and her dancing ability. But I agree about the costumes. Sometimes they even embarress me, and that’s hard to do.

:thumbsup: No suprise that we lost our fighter, but he definitely is a gentleman about it. I think he is a good role model for those in prize fighting too! Good luck to the rest of the bunch. I think that Cameron and Helio have a good chance at winning this one too.

68? whats age got to do with noticing a beautiful woman:confused:

In his wisdom from “more years on the planet” than people my age, when my father would say that statement, himself, Dad was commenting on that there are even more wonderful things to do with being “beautiful” that have more beauty than your physical appearance.

A class act, my Dad…:wink: :o

The women’s dresses (or lack of ) are a bit provocative for me.

Me, too. I’m a healthy, heterosexual, adult woman… and I can’t bring myself to watch Dancing with the Stars this season for just the same reason as you cite.

I’m no prude… but I definitely am offended by such clothing. Would be the same if the men were wearing something provocative, too… still, it’s the male gender that reacts way more strongly with images than does the female gender.

There IS such a thing of dressing attractively without “showing skin.” Leave it to the imagination, Mom would say. And yes, like Dad, she was right!

After all, you can have material that swishes and sways as you dance without showing so much!!

I like Sabrina and her partner…(forgot his name)

I wonder when Mark Cuban will go…I’ve read somewhere that he had hip replacement surgery…does anyone know if its true? I admit to reading it on wikipedia:shrug:

I heard that about Mark too. I even heard that he showed his scar. (Glad I missed that), if its true!

I think he will probably go next. And I don’t think Marie will be far behind.

Traditionally, Latin dance costumes are on the brief side. Have you ever watched the professional dance competitions on PBS? Those can be rather scandalous. So Dancing with the Stars isn’t doing anything new. Additionally, Latin dances are traditionally much more sensual. Again, nothing new on Dancing with the Stars.

These are from actual competitions (be warned on costumes):

Marie fainted last night :eek:

She sure did. I think she got ripped off on the judges scoring. It seems like the judges are more one-sided this year than usual. No matter what some couples do, they are not impressed, but with others, they can do no wrong. Maybe it’s just me that thinks this.

WHAT? DH & I forgot Dancing With The Stars was on:doh2: , we were watching Monday Night Football:cool: . Aimee, can you fill me in about last night’s show?:slight_smile:

In short, Marie fainted after her performance, which rated sevens from the judges, Sabrina couldn’t do anything wrong as usual, and rated 28. The rest were clustered around 21-26. Marie or the billionaire could be cut tonite. Stay tuned.

Thanks for the update davy39. I’ll be watching tonight.:slight_smile:

I’ll have to switch back and forth from ‘Dog the Bounty Hunter’ and Dancing…:hmmm:

For all those interested, the billionaire Mark Cuban and his partner were cut Tues nite. But you had to pat him on the back for even trying it since he had hip surgery. I can relate to that.

I saw some of the show…yes Mark Cuban danced better than some and gave it a good shot…

:hmmm: who will be next??

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