Whos More Powerful Or Are They All Equally All Powerful Just Different Forms Of God,


Father Son And Holy Spirit, 3 Gods In 1 Right? All The Same Power…all Of Them All Powerful. And Is The Pope The Most Powerful Person Walking This Earth Under God ? Just Wonderin’


I’m glad that you seem to be on a search for answers, just as many of us are. I’ll try to answer this as best as I can, though I’m not a theologian. I’m just a guy who happens to be Catholic.
Your use of the word “powerful” to describe the Pope and Trinity in the same sentence should be looked at. The Pope is not “powerful” the way God is powerful. The Pope is “just a guy” the way you and I are “just a guy.” The difference between us and the Pope is that he spent most of his life tending his flock, first as a priest, later as a Bishop, and eventually was elected as our Pope. He got elected as our Pope, the Bishop of Rome, through a prolonged period of discernment. This is a pretty tough job for him, because rather than ministering to a parish or diocese (as if that isn’t hard enough work) he’s charged with reponsibility tending to the faith and morals of the entire Church! When he speaks, he has people hanging on his every word. People write about him, they talk about him, they watch what he does. In a way, he is “powerful” because he’s been placed in the spotlight, and everyone is watching. What he says and does matters. This is not the same as how God is all powerful.

Check out the Catholic encyclopedia online, and pray for wisdom and understanding. Peace.


i should of put a question mark up before the period, it wasnt like 2 sentences


sounds good to me, i think the trinity is all the same emount of being all powerful powers bigger than the whole universe


Not exactly:) Before going on with the rest of your 3 part question, I think it would be a good idea to clear up the fact that the Trinity is not really 3 Gods. It is 1 God. It can be a difficult concept I reilize.:wink: I still don’y have a total handle on it. Are you familer with St. Patrick’s use of the shamrock to help explaine the Trinity? Have you heard of St.Augustine’s vision of the boy on the beach digging the hole in the sand?


I remember somebody here explained the Trinity in a simple way using “water”

water - in the form of liquid
water - in the form of solid (ice)
water - in the form of vapors (cloud)

Apply the concept of water above to understand that Three but One, then go on with other concepts with the Trinity.


No, horribly wrong.

There is One God & One God only - three Divine Persons, in One God. ##


ok theyre all one God


One God; three persons [as in the Geek understanding - personas - and not three individual persons].

The Trinity is a mystery and a blessing. Many ways to comtemplate:

St. Patrick’s Shamrock one clover, three leaves…
The scientist’s H2O: water, steam and ice.
St. Augustine’s [and my own] in ability comprehend…

For me I see relationships: Myself; one indivdual person, daughter, sister, wife, mother, cousin, friend, employer, employee, etc. It goes on and on. The mystery then is in the perfection of the Triune. It takes me so many different relationships to be the person I am and I perform all of them imperfectly.

God on the other hand is PERFECTION; Father, Son and Holy Spirit, three in one. All knowing, all powerfull, all loving, generous, just, eternal, complete and perfect. And all in the Triune…


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