Who's Solomon's mother according to Islam?

Seriously, Ive searched in the web and can’t find an answer. Any clarification would be appreciated. Thanks.


*The Prophet Sulaiman(pbuh) (Solomon) was the youngest son of the Prophet Dawud (peace be upon him). He was born at Jerusalem. The name of his mother was Saba. * (ummah.com/forum/showthread.php?244918-The-Life-Of-Prophet-Sulaiman(Peace-Be-Upon-Him)

Interesting. :smiley:

Is there a Koran verse for this?


No reference for that neither in Quran nor hadith, and what is written in the link provided by Pitcharan is irrelevant since it’s not based on any reference nor mentioned in any Islamic history book.

Maybe you should check the OT reference instead.

Not in the Hadith either? So, the reference from the previous link is possibly more legend than fact I guess. I wonder how the name Saba got into it. Perhaps (Im conjecturing here) something to do with the Queen of Sheba? :confused:


Yes, it could be because the “Queen of Saba” is the Arabic translation for “Queen of Sheba”.

Well, if we grant Saba = Sheba, then the Islamic tradition could be preserving a corrupted or abbreviated form of “Bathsheba”, the name of Solomon’s real mother, as given in the second book of Samuel. :wink:

“Bathsheba” means “Daughter of the Oath” with “Sheba” denoting “seven,” the number of perfection. So Abraham and Abimelech seal an oath regarding a well (later called “Beersheba” or “Well of the Oath”) with a sacrifice of seven ewes, lady sheep. Here’s the link:


That’s a thought! Yes, I can see how Bathsheba could arguably become Saba.

That said according to Sam777 the name “Saba” isn’t in the Koran nor the Hadith so I can say Saba being Solomon’s mother is a certain legend of sorts to “some” Muslims? Ive not asked my Muslim friends who they believe Solomon’s mother was…yet:D Im not even sure whether Islam know or believe in the Queenship of the mother of Solomon. Ie A King’s wife doesn’t become Queen till a the have a child, thus the wife of the King only then comes Queen Mother.

Until such time a Muslim poster has a say, I think Islam has put itself into a kind of corner when it comes to attesting family ties and Judaism history. They can only be seen as revisionists. :shrug:


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