Who's the priest in the new Jay-Z/Kanye West song?

Who’s the Fr. Joseph mentioned in the chorus of “Made In America”? It’s track #11 on the ‘Throne’ CD:

Sweet King Martin /
Sweet Queen Coretta /
Sweet Brother Malcom .
Sween Queen Betty /
Sweet Mother Mary /
Sweet Father Joseph etc…

I don’t think it’s a priest at all.

Martin must be Martin Luther King, Jr as his wife (queen) was Coretta King. . .

Malcolm probably Malcolm X. . .but since it says Mary (mother) and Joseph (father) could be the Blessed Virgin and St. Joseph. . .who knows?

OTOH, Kanye West was raised Catholic:
Source: chacha.com/question/is-kanye-west-catholic

I would say in the context of that line being after “Sweet Mother Mary” that the most likely explanation is that it refers to Our Lady and St Joseph.

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