Who's up for BBQ?


I don’t mean grilling. And no vegetables allowed! I mean barbecue: slow-smoking a big ol’ hunk of meat over low, indirect heat until the meat falls off the bone.

We got any pitmasters out here? Anybody own a smoker as opposed to a grill?

I saw a show on the Food Network from Jamaica. They were jerking chicken, seasoning a split bird and laying it RIGHT over some oak logs with corrugated tin on top. It took about two hours. I would love to try a version of this, but they didn’t say whether the wood was dry-cured or green.


My dh uses his gas grill as a smoker, turning off half of the grill and smoking wood on the other (I think thats how he does it :))
He gets a lot of info from the Food Network, its awesome.
Are you talking about the way of cooking, the grill, or the torn up meat with sauce (mustard or tomato or vinegar etc based)?
Anyways, I love my husbands slow cooked ribs… hmmm… we have some in the freezer right now. He makes a great butt too, slow cooked on the grill… yummy. We eat it like BBQ (not the way of cooking BBQ, but the torn up meat with sauce BBQ). He tears up the meat with gloves. We haven’t had brisket in a while, but he has made that too.

Its not a good idea to make a pregnant woman hungry talking about food like this!


I have not ever cooked barbahque. But I sure eat it! Nashville style, St. Louis style, rippin’ hot Louisiana style. Dang, now I’m hungry …



I mean ALL of it! From the way of cooking to the meat and sauce and everything!

I watched Emeril do a smoker indoors. He took two heavy iron pans, put some wood chips on the bottom, and a rack on top and then the meat. He then turned a low flame under it. Looked great, but I’d be scared of setting off the smoke alarm.


Beer can chicken tonight!!!:bounce:


I love barbeque of both kinds (being Australian I’ve got to stick up for the noteworthy grillers of this wide brown land).

Mmmmm…ribs… drewl


A family friend - world Champion BBQ Chef with more trophies than you can count - reminds me that ribs are overdone if they fall off the bone :slight_smile: I am spoiled, it is sooooo easy to oversmoke meat, I leave to the pros.


Sometime with a bunch of coworkers, we take half a day vacation and drive 2 hours just to get the best BBQ in Texas. Two inches thick juicy pork chops.:smiley: :thumbsup: :smiley: :thumbsup: :smiley: :thumbsup: :smiley: :thumbsup:


One of my all-time faves! :thumbsup:


sauce? sauce? din say nuttin bout no sauce. thems fightin words down here in Texas, mesquite and the meat, that’s what’s weez talkin about


Betcha that them people put beans and noodles in their chili too. :smiley:

(kinda difficult to write in my italo-texan accent, I’m fixin’ to improve it) :smiley:


Oooo!! We love it too! But we call it canupthebutt chicken. :blush: Mmmm!!



Pork shoulder, good rub, Alton Brown homemade smoker involving clay pots…OK, the weather jsut turned cool up here. Time to get some slow smokin’ going!


NOODLES! Sacrilege!

Though I must admit I rather like the odd bean mixed in with the beef in my chilli :o


let me try this in Tex-Mex next time


Well, I DO.

I likes it that way. :stuck_out_tongue:


No grill “masters” at my house just the grill “mistress.” I do smoked turkeys in my old Weber. Brine them ala Alton Brown overnight in the vegie drawer of the fridge, give them a good rub, lay bacon across the back and breast, fill the body cavity with apples, onions and oranges, salt, pepper and some broth. I cook them in the “indirect method” with the coals (yes I use charcoal) off to the sides. The last hour or so I drop water soaked hickory or apple wood chips down onto the coals, put the top back on and wait. The turkey comes out a deep rich color and tastes unbelievable. Even people who don’t like turkey as every year if I’m smoking a turkey for Thanksgiving and Christmas and then ask if they can have some!


Always wanted to try that with turkey.

  1. Buy a pork shoulder (boneless or bone-in) sometimes called a “boston butt” roast.

  2. Rub it all over with a mixture of chili powder, cumin, garlic powder, salt pepper, maybe some cayenne or smoked paprika, brown sugar, ground mustard (powder).

  3. Dump it in a pan and put it in your oven at 250 degrees for about 3-4 hours depending on size.

  4. Make a smallish fire on your charcoal grill (on one side only). When coals are gray drop a couple handfuls of water soaked hickory or mesquite or oak or applewood or any other fruitwood onto the coals.

  5. Take shoulder out of pan and put on grill. Cook for an hour or so…don’t mess with the lid.

  6. Cook until meat is “shreddable” with a fork (put a fork in and twist it…if the meat twists apart easily, you’re good.

  7. Serve shredded on buns with or w/o sauce…or in big chunks…whatever.

Enjoy with cold beer!


The Catholic churches in the Diocese of Owensboro have a LONG tradition of barbecueing. Here’s an article:


Yes, they barbecue mutton and O’boro is about the only place in the USA where they do. During the summer, every parish in the county has a barbecue festival and they always sell out.

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