Who's your favorite comedian?

Who are some good ones who don’t tell dirty jokes?

I like Emo Philips’ early stuff, which was quite clean. His more recent stuff is getting into “potty humour” and sexual stuff, which is disappointing.

Steven Wright.

I think Jeff Foxworthy(famous for you might be a redneck jokes) and Bill Engvall(famous for heres your sign jokes) is okay(I am not really sure, I got to check on that.) But if you listen to them and want mostly or only clean jokes avoid Larrry the Cable Guy(even though I like him) and Ron White who they tour with sometimes.

Wow–I was totally going to post for him!


Here are some quotes:

Not sure if his main page had them, but I couldn’t find them in 3 clicks… so poor design :slight_smile:

Adam Ferrara. Adam’s CDs have to be the best, I loan them out and sometimes they don’t come back!

Oh, and Ray Romano is classic!

I’m with you on Bill Engvall. Foxworthy’s okay, but Engvall’s my favorite. I like Ron White, too, though I agree that he’s got a bit more of a foul mouth at times. Although I shot Pepsi out of my nose at one of Ron White’s jokes about flying in a small junker plane that had lost oil pressure.

The man sitting next to Ron asks, “Hey man! If one of these engines fails, how far will the other one take us?”

Ron: “All the way to the scene of the crash. Which is pretty handy cuz that’s where we’re headed. I bet we beat the paramedics there by a half hour.”

I laughed till I cried on that one.

Very popular in Australia is Irishman Jimeoin, very very funny but never resorts to smut, he just uses the funny things that happen in life, see…:slight_smile:

I still love Bob Newhart!

Bill Cosby is still my favorite.

He’s proof that you can be funny without resorting to foul language and such.


Bill Cosby can make me laugh so hard my sides hurt.

Jimeoin absolutely. And there’s a fantastic Australian comedy duo called the Umbilical Brothers who do the most amazing physical-style comedy - brilliant.

Benny Hinn :rotfl:

That’s a tough question! No foul language? No dirty jokes? Really tought these days.

I like Carol Burnett, along with her whole ensemble of crazies: Harvey Korman, Vicki Lawrence, Tim Conway, etc. Occasionally she gets them together for a TV special, and they’re still pretty funny.

I also like Jay Leno, but I’ve never heard him outside of The Tonight Show, so I don’t know if he gets dirty or not.

I agree–Bob Newhart is hilarious.

Brian Regan.

Every Satruday night my brother and I used to watch Carol Burnett! Classic.:slight_smile: —KCT

I LOVE Ray Ramano, Hugh Laurie (his old British stuff…and his role as House) and Dane Cook even though he can be a touch dirty:)

Brendan Grace is funny and clean, he is an Irish comedian though I think he’s in the US these days.
Omid Djalili is very funny, as is Bill Bailey.

Ever heard of Judy McDonald?

She is really great in person!!! HALIRIOUS!!!

but I’m a fan of Bob Hope and Abbott and Costello and alot of oldies. :smiley:

That was funny. I am obsessed with Jeff Foxworthy’s Olympics in Georgia, and I almost pulled of my own heres your sign joke to my principal(i didnt have the guts to do it). I liked Ron Whites jokes about his dog. And I almost completely recited Larry the Cable Guys, The Night Before a Nondenominational Holiday(funny if christmas were completely politically correct) and his Hillary Clinton is coming to town song:p .

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